Writing an essay can be very difficult for some.

Hello, I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for all of your video and your tips. All is very helpful. I just have one question about introduction in writing task 2. After the thesis statement, can I clearly add a sentence outlining what my essay will say? Is it incorrect or too much if I say: “In my opinion, I agree that exercise is the key to health. Firstly, this essay will discuss how exercising routinely can boost health and secondly, it will discuss that diet is also important.” And may I do this for any IELTS essay question?

There are simple steps to help with essay writing.

No system of writing can begin naturally with the syllabic stage or alphabet stage.

For many people this is the hardest part of essay writing.

Considering the right structure for your essay is one of the key points of success. Sticking to a recommended essay structure is the only way to properly outline and write it, paragraph by paragraph from the introduction to conclusion, without mistakes.

With out that you can not write an effective essay.

Next the writer “announces” her topic by stating, “The topic I have chosen to write about…” Although it is necessary to introduce your specific topic, you want to avoid making generic announcements that reference your assignment. This technique is not as sophisticated and may distract the reader from your larger purpose for writing the essay. Instead, you might try to make the reader see why this is such an important topic to discuss.

A well-written essay can earn you a scholarship or entrance into your favorite college.

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For example, in Walter Ong’s essay, “Writing is a Technology that Restructures Thought,” Ong acknowledges that means of communication, such as the computer and pencil, have been in argument since Plato’s time (319)....

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thank you so much mam for helping us . can i write in this essay : ” The most efficient way to improve health is by doing daily exercises ” is it grammatically correct ??

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Hi Liz,
I’m a big fan of your website. I usually tutor TOEFL but recently IELTS as well.
Is it acceptable to summarize the main points of the essay in the thesis statement?
Would you recommend writing such a thesis statement?

There are three key parts to an essay: the introduction, body and conclusion.

Essay Writing: Writing: The introduction of the essay

Says: This introduction is clear and to the point, and will prepare your reader for the ideas you want to discuss. However, it is rather unexciting and will not immediately engage your reader. As mentioned, you should try to preface it with a more creative statement. In addition, it makes one typical error. One should usually avoid using contractions in a formal essay, for example, "I’ve."

In short, professional writing is writing at the next level and with a purpose.

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Of course, I am not the first one coming up with such a recipe: anecessarily incomplete list of links to articles about scientificwriting is reported in the last section.

Writing can occur in a personal letter or a business letter, essays, stories, and music....

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It would be difficult to put all three answers in the introduction. So, put two and refer to the other vaguely. Each body paragraph would explain the answer to one question. Always make sure your topic sentence is written clearly so that the examiner knows which questions is being answered.