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Although it is essential, increasing access to health care is not sufficient to improve health. There is more to health than health care. In fact, health care plays a surprisingly small role among the factors that contribute to premature death, just 10 percent; in contrast, social circumstances (15 percent), environmental exposures, genetic predisposition, and personal behavior combined contribute to 90 percent of preventable deaths.1 With this in mind, we have broadened our foundation’s strategies to embrace improving health where it starts: in the places where people live, learn, work, and play.

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First, the focus of grant making is evolving: we are investing in research and data, policy advocacy, and infrastructure building that strengthens communities. A recent example of this involves our County Health Rankings,7 which rank the health of every county in the United States, in part on the basis of social factors. These rankings have inspired change. Two years ago, Wyandotte County, KS, was ranked last in the state because of factors including high levels of violent crime and unemployment, deteriorating neighborhoods, and a high percentage of families living below the poverty line. When he saw how badly the county was doing, Kansas City Mayor Joe Reardon tapped county officials and stakeholders to address the social problems that were at the root of the health problems. This community is now cited as a national example of partners working together on social determinants of health to create effective change.

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Let me be clear: the work of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is laser-focused on improving health and health care. But we know that to do so, we must expand the scope of our vision and work. We understand that neither improving health nor reducing poverty is the endgame. Our vision is to create opportunities for all Americans to lead long, healthy, and productive lives. At the foundation, this outlook has led to an evolution in how we work: changes in grant making, how we use our assets, and how we work with others.

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You might consider recommending the book and PBS series Designing Healthy Communities, hosted by Heinz Award winner and Sedgewick Award winner Dr. Richard Jackson. Dr. Jackson links how we build our communities has a direct impact on personal healthy.

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Health care providers also are well aware of this need. As a physician, I generally cannot discuss health with a patient who lives in poverty without talking about the areas where community development works: affordable housing, access to nutritious food, and safe places to play and exercise. I can attest that it is important for us to ensure that health and community development work together. In fact, a recent national survey by our grantee HealthLeads5 (a program that provides to patients “prescriptions” for community services) found that four in five physicians believe that unmet social needs—lack of access to nutritious food, transportation assistance, and housing assistance—are leading to worse health among Americans. These findings send a clear message: the health care system cannot overlook social needs if we want to improve health in this country.

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