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1.) Good tools just get out of the way and make it easier to get the results you want. Lesser tools may take more work.
2.) They add durability for people who use these tools hard all day, every day.
3.) Advanced users may find some of the minor extra features convenient. These conveniences make the photographer's life easier, but they make the photos any better.
4.) Hey, there's nothing wrong with the best tools, and if you have the money to blow why not? Just don't ever start thinking that the fancy tools are what created the work.

Essay contest: Who do you admire

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Those responsible for that carnage came from the European peoples and culture that I descended from. The natives of what became the USA were spared genocidal conquest in the 1500s because they had no immediately plunderable gold, as the and entradas, among others, determined. When the , after they realized that there were no piles of gold to be had, they began to steal North America’s wealth, which was its richly forested lands and fertile soils, which were all in vastly better shape than what they left behind in Europe, and those “settlers” lived in a kind of Golden Age while there were Indian lands to steal. My ancestors that was violently stolen from the natives, and I was born and live in the state named after the man who , and he and Columbus are the USA’s most prominent .

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1328), who wrote: “Since lawful warfare is essentiallyjihad and since its aim is that the religion is God’s entirely andGod’s word is uppermost, therefore according to all Muslims, those whostand in the way of this aim must be fought.” And by Ibn Khaldun (d.

I admire Roland Goubert (The Goober) the most of all the characters within this book because he is honest, loving, and a loyal friend to Jerry....

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Because their largest ship was destroyed, Columbus left behind about 40 Spaniards and they built a fort from the ship’s timbers. Many of Columbus’s men begged to stay instead of sailing back to Spain. Columbus admitted that no fort was necessary among such friendly and peaceful people, but he could not put aside his European conditioning. Columbus wanted to condition the natives to obey their new Spanish overlords (although they did not know they had overlords yet) out of “love and fear.” So Columbus had a lombard and musket fired in a demonstration of power, which frightened those happy, helpful natives.

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You can see some of the world's best photography by a fellow who says the same thing . another load of data which also confirms why owning more lenses just makes worse photos. I made these B/W photos with a 50 year old $3 box camera more primitive than today's disposables.

For example illiterate people would be able to paint a picture of those they admire, as a way to connect and pay tribute to their faith.

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I’ve often wondered why do I paint?….there are already so many talented painters …..why should I waste my time? But I always crave having an art tool in my hand to express my story and vision of the world…ever since a young child I was self rewarded with my visual expression rather than vocal or written words. Expressing shapes , color, stories or creating three dimensional objects is part of my soul.

Superheroes protect innocent people and help fight crime, which is why they tend to live a complete meaningful life.

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Zinn was a professionally trained historian who ironically earned his doctorate at , and he openly admitted that he did not realize what a whitewash the Columbus story was until he began researching . have gone their entire lives and never learned about the dark side of Columbus's legacy. One student said:

So why do the artists whose works you admire tend to use fancy, expensive tools if the quality of the work is the same? Simple:

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(This Haas anecdote comes from , the famous photographer from Oxford, Maine over whom people are all abuzz. Many say he emerged from the back woods as a cross between Eliot Porter and Henri Cartier Bresson. I found at least three websites claiming to be Haas' official one and .)