When you become a professor, you can teach at any university.

A degree in psychology will help you understand the hearts and minds of the adolescents you’re trying to teach. They won’t always be perfectly-behaved angels, not when they’re going through a wide range of physical, emotional, and hormonal changes, so you’ll need to be equipped with the knowledge and the tools to navigate their mental states and keep them focused on their future. This is also a great degree to help you level with and understand your students who struggle in different areas academically and even socially. Therefore, in many ways a psychology degree doesn’t just help you become a better teacher in teaching your students, but it can help you help them develop the necessary skill and cope with different situations that life may throw at them later.

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"Embrace your mistakes ... because that is when you learn." These were the wise words from my mentor on my final placement as a student teacher. Words I had started to live by as a new teacher midway through my first year of real-world teaching. I had not been lucky enough to secure a permanent job offer after receiving my teaching credential, so I started my first year teaching by picking up odd days of substitute work.

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Am I idealistic in my beliefs? Probably. But I cannot accept defeat before I give it my all. Students need to know that there is someone still rooting for them. I love English and I will not let it disappoint me. No matter how many times I have felt downtrodden and broken down by comments a professor has made, I won’t let it affect my feelings for English. I get a rush when teaching that makes me wonder how anyone could ever resent it. There seem to be so many possibilities that a person should never get bored, because once they do, that feeling is extended to the students. Teachers should take advantage of all opportunities they have. They should build up their students and help them to be better educated and more interested students.

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