I want an essay on ' When I was alone at home'

Hey Rufi, thank you! You struck so many chords with my own sentiments. I am a mother of 2 daughters (one11 year old and one 3 weeks old, yes, the 11 year gap). I am a full time teacher/researcher on study leave for 2 measly two months, which, is a privilege already in my country. Husband is away for his PhD, and we basically only chat on video during wee hours when he is studying and while I am breastfeeding. Life is certainly a roller coaster. How do I channel my sentiments and rant with my days at home when he is also battling daily with his studies and his professors, nope. Just thankful I don’t need pick-up his underwear though. The challenge is when the maternity leave is over…..Keep on writing. You are an inspiration. I’m sharing your essay!

I want an essay on "when I was alone at home"

When I was alone at home one day, I was more excited than being afraid

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Edna accidentally meets him on his second day back in the States - she, having gone in search of Mme Reisz at her apartment but finding her not at home, is alone in Mme Reisz's apartment waiting for her when Robert comes to the door, also looking for Mme Reisz.

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And so, it came as more than a shock to me when, on the way home from the airport, I listened to a voice mail from an officer at my family’s local police department explaining that a bystander had noticed me leaving my son in the car, had recorded the incident using a phone’s camera, and had then contacted the police. By the time the police arrived, I had already left the scene, and by the time they looked up the license plate number of the minivan and traced it to my parents, I was flying home.

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I wondered in the days after it happened if being back home, out of

This is a brilliant and true piece. I’m standing on the other side of the story. Children who endlessly needed me, are growing up. They are now are 17 and 21 and I can attest that life is long. I’m so glad I was home with them when they were little, and I’m glad I figured out a way to keep working when they got a little older. I was the toothpaste tube and my career was what I thought about second, after half-days, $10 checks, schedules and the social life of a young family. My life work was really their lives, and I’m not sorry for this. Now, at 49, I still have a lot of work time left, and feel that my career has been long too. But, having my own children made me a more thoughtful and credible teacher (my career) and knowing the fullness life, including the struggles of domestic life makes you a writer I now want to read more from. Thank you for your piece.

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I never leave my kids in a car now when I run into a store, and so I know nothing bad will ever happen to them in a non-moving vehicle. I suppose every little peace of mind helps. Still, I worry. I worry that when my husband and I decide our kids are old enough to walk alone to school, be that in two years or in five, some good samaritan will disapprove and call the police. I worry what the other parents will think if I hang back on the bench while my kids are playing at the park, reading a book instead of hovering over them. I worry that if I let my son play in the alley with the other kids and don’t follow him down because there are already eight responsible adults standing around, I’ll be thought of as the slacker mom who’s not pulling her own. And so I accompany when I probably don’t need to. I supervise and hover and interfere. And at least half of the other parents are probably doing it for exactly the same reason. This is America and parenting is now a competitive sport, just like everything else.

Home 2 essay alone - I am reading a scholarly essay on piscatory prose. Because the first rule of research and of life is that one thing leads to another.

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Hi Andrea, thank you for your comment. I am a teacher as well and I am currently on maternity leave with our second baby. I am scheduled to go back in September when my daughter turns nine months, but I don’t know that I can bear it. How long were you home with your babies before you returned to teaching? If I did it, we would be barely scraping by financially, but I also consider my children my life’s work.