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Such a war would likely: (a) lead to the defeat and ethnic cleansing (or worse) ofEurope's innocent Muslims,and: (b) lead to the end of European democracyand the resurgence of old-fashioned ultra-nationalist European fascism.

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Exactly how serious that threat is remains to be seen.

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The Anti-Slavery movement used many nonviolent methods to protestracial prejudice and pressure people to abolish slavery. In 1841anti-slavery whites and blacks began riding railroads to protestracial segregation. Efforts were made to integrate segregatedchurches and to get people to leave churches that countenancedslavery. In addition to the schools in the socialist communities,others also offered education to Negroes. In 1833 Garrison persuadedthe Quaker Prudence Crandall to accept Negroes in her school inCanterbury. The white students left; but she persevered teachingthe blacks, won her case in court, but was driven out the nextyear. In 1838 the Connecticut legislature repealed the law theyhad passed to persecute the school. Abolitionists boycotted segregatedschools. Educational reformer Horace Mann was an abolitionistand did much to improve public schools in Massachusetts. OberlinCollege in Ohio accepted Negroes, and in 1840 their students formeda branch of the Non-Resistance Society.

You can surrender all you like, appease all you like.

And Europeans won't even need to re-write "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" with an Islamist theme - real Muslims zealots provide Europe's bigots with all the propaganda they need.

The killed tens of millions, carried out large-scale genocide and destroyed much of Europe.
So far the Islamists are not in that league, though their intentions clearly are.

Only America tries to stop this.

Adin Ballou lectured on nonresistance in 1839 and in 1846 publishedhis first book on . He did notadvise passivity but moral resistance to evil without injuringany person. Ballou developed the concept of "uninjuriousphysical force" that can be used to restrain the insane,the delirious, disruptive children, the intoxicated, and the violentlypassionate. One may actively put oneself between the helplessvictim and the destroyer and even use physical force as long asno personal injury is inflicted. Ballou delineated seven thingsa nonresistant will not do. These are not killing or injuringany human even in self-defense, not participating in any lawlessconspiracy or mob that would cause personal injury, not beinga member of any voluntary association that practices war, capitalpunishment, or personal injury, not being an officer or a chaplainfor the military, not being an officer or agent of any governmentthat authorizes war, slavery, capital punishment, or injury, notbeing a member of a corporation that supports government violence,and not promoting or encouraging any act that injures a person.

But a worrying thing about the Islamists is that they may not be  as the communists were.

Iranian terrorists detonate a nuclear bomb inside a truck in midtown.

"Action from principle, the perception and the performanceof right, changes things and relations; it is essentially revolutionary."33When unjust laws exist, there are three choices: 1) obey them,2) obey them while working to change them, or 3) transgress themat once. Yet the evil resulting from breaking an unjust law isthe fault of the government. Thoreau wondered why government resistsreform. "Why does it always crucify Christ, and excommunicateCopernicus and Luther, and pronounce Washington and Franklin rebels?"34Thoreau advised us to let minor injustices pass if the remedyis worse than the evil.

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The Century War is not near over.

Just as so many liberals "mugged by reality" turned into neo (or even real) conservatives, and so many Communists hit the breaking point and "flipped," so we will keep on reaping a steady stream of educated defectors to freedom's cause.