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Segments are censored by the network include a special 1968 Mother's Day message which ends with the words "Please talk peace" (referring to the Vietnam War); Harry Belafonte singing before a backdrop of disturbing images from the 1968 Democratic Party convention in Chicago; an interview with Dr.

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Mr Williams, well I'll be dammed, I have thought for years that I was the only Vietnam veteran that wasn't scruffy with a graying beard, ponytail, tattoos, earring, at least two teeth missing, smells like cigarette smoke and the only set of clothes they own are jungle fatigues. How refreshing to know that there is at least one guy out there like me. I, like you fly the American flag, the Texas flag and the POW MIA flag every day, not just on special occasions. I also wonder why TV stations interview the same Vietnam veteran every year, they just change his name and he's a year older.
I served in Vietnam between August 1965 and July 1966. I was in the lst Cav. Div. stationed in Ft. Benning Ga. When the Div was sent to Vietnam. We dismantled the Hueys packed them in cosmoline along with other equipment and put them on railroad flat cars and sent them to
Mobile Alabama along with 3000 troops. The balance of the Div. which was about 42,000 men, belive it or not, was put on greyhound buses and sent to Charleston, SC. The column of buses was 14 miles long. We were put on 3 WWII troop carrying ships. We met up with the advanced party in San Diego, Ca. It took 28 days to get to Camron Bay, Vietnam. That was my first cruse, got to see the Panama Canal. When I came back, (Oakland, Ca.) there were no parades or expressions of gratitude, I was never called a baby killer or spit on. Just signed some papers, got my pay and was on my way home, Sweetwater, Tx.
I, like you wear a coat and tie, however, mine may be a little different than yours. Mine consists of Justin boots, Wrangler jeans, a nice western shirt, a bolo tie and a Stetson hat. When I am around a group of Vietnam veterans, like at the traveling wall or the gathering in Branson Mo. I get looks like what space ship did you come in on and where did it come from. I grew up on a dairy farm converted to a cattle ranch. I had my building company that remodeled and built new houses for 30 years. I semi retired in 1999. After retiring I took up making pottery, thus the e-mail address. I still dabble in remodeling from time to time.

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Aidan Stehman, son of Molly and Joseph Stehman of Columbia, received second place in the Catholic War Veterans (CWV) National Patriotic Essay Contest. The recent eighth-grade graduate of Our Lady of the Angels School in Columbia entered the contest writing about "What America Means to Me."

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Veterans Day honors those who have served in the armed forces of the United States. In particular, we honor those who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms and liberties we all enjoy. This day is rightly celebrated with traditional parades and other ceremonies, and I fly my American flag proudly not only this day, but every day. Local television coverage featuring interviews with veterans from different wars has become another tradition on this day, and it's important to hear the perspective from those who still might fall to the ground if someone yells, "Incoming!"

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[See Also ] [; 1986] June 17, 1988: Jane Fonda is interviewed by Barbara Walters on the television show and apologizes for her actions during the War: "I would like to say something, not just to Vietnam veterans in New England, but to men who were in Vietnam, who I hurt, or whose pain I caused to deepen because of things that I said or did," she began.

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