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Until we awaken, everything we do in life is to avoid the Void. Stop running, stop craving, stop resisting, and sink into the emptiness and you will die to what wasn’t really you anyway, and wake up into the Real of the profound Truth of life as-it-is. Science, while useful, studies illusion—only the science of the mind can discover Reality. Visions of gods and demons are ephemeral—look deeper to find what does not change and you will find liberation in the Truth. Abandon self-improvement, for there is no self to improve. Either meditate, or simply and directly give up seeking for anything to be different altogether. And if you don’t get it this round, aim to be reborn as a human so that you can try again.

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The real world is hidden from sight, yet obvious to those who have eyes to see. Everything is energy. Spirits, gods, angels and demons are everywhere. Coincidences are meaningful synchronicities. You have a soul, and so does everything else. Thinking occurs primarily in images. Visions are really important, and dreams are the most important basis for big decisions in life. Psychedelic drugs and plant medicines open the portal to the Real. The rational mind is a filter that all-too-often keeps us from experiencing deeper realities. Science and technology are destroying our Mother Earth. Progress is a myth. Cultivate ecstatic states and your third eye will open, and you will experience Reality for yourself—which, by the way, is really freakin’ trippy.

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Richard Linklater accomplished a vision that he had almost scrapped until the immergence of a new technique in rotoscoped animation. Waking Life is a film infused with the power of animation that takes us through a journey of dreams and makes one question their own reality. The method of animation used was the step to making this powerful piece of cinema a reality and would not have happened without it.
Rotoscoping was inventing in 1915 by animation pioneer Max Fleischer. It is a method that takes live action footage and traces over the images to produce very realistic movement. It is because of this tracing method that some feel rotoscoping is a sort of a cheat or easy way out. However, rotoscoping and other forms like it are a way to explore animation and its creativity even further; it allows animators more artistic freedom by saving labor:
?To not use these labor saving methods and tools would take us back to the days when acetate cells weren?t invented and you had not only to animate every frame but had to redraw the background every time as well.?
It was this type of freedom that allowed everyone

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Waking life is the most real of all human experiences. In fact, everything else is illusion. Dreams are just the brain defragging while the body is in “sleep mode.” What’s real is physical, observable, and measurable reality. The scientific method is the best way human beings have of understanding what is real. Happiness should be studied scientifically. Seeing entities or hearing voices is evidence for insanity requiring immediate psychiatric intervention and heavy medication. You are a physical body and after death, nothing whatsoever happens. Thinking occurs primarily in words. To live fully, be aware of your impending death and make the most of your life.

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If you understand the sentence above, you are part of the chosen few who will usher in the Integral Age™, which means you are very cool. Or to put it even simpler, the states of waking, dreaming, and deep dreamless sleep are all included in the non-dual, which is consciousness, and consciousness develops in ever more complex ways. We know this because some very advanced meditators can experience being awake during all three states, and because various developmental models seem to line up pretty well, at least if you fudge the details a bit.

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