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The Office of Transfer Affairs reviews each college-level course taken by transfer candidates accepted for admission. Transfer candidates are notified electronically with their official credit evaluation. To receive transfer credit, a course must have been taken at a regionally accredited degree-granting college or university for credit; it must be comparable in content, nature, and intensity to a course offered at UVM; and the grade earned must be comparable to a C or higher as indicated on an official transcript. The dean (or their designate) of the college or school determines the applicability of the transfer course(s) to the student’s degree requirements at the university. Credit is given for course content only once; it is the student’s responsibility not to duplicate courses. There are limits on the number of credits transferred that may be applied to the degree program and the major selected. In general, 30 of the last 45 credits earned for the UVM degree must be taken at the university.

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Credits for college-level courses taken while in high school can sometimes be transferred to UVM. See the section " College Credit for High School Classes" under General Undergraduate Admissions.

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For transfer candidates who have earned fewer than twenty-one college-level semester credits, the quality of the high school record and course rigor is reviewed in conjunction with the college record. After twenty-one earned semester credits, the college grade point average and course selection are the most important factors in a decision. The admissions office still reviews the high school record to determine if all university-wide entrance requirements have been met. Students who were wait-listed or denied admission previously as high school students should be working toward completion of a minimum of twenty-one credits at the point of applying to UVM.

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I was just wondering if anyone who has transferred successfully to UVM could give me some tips on how to tackle the transfer essay to make myself stand out.