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Once admitted, international students must complete the , certified by a bank official (not required for lawful permanent residents or those of H-4, E-2, G-2, L-2 status).

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If research is something you want to do, then just do it. Don’t let any reservations hold you back. At the end of the day, it’s about you and what it is that makes you happy. Give research a try. You might like it and you might not. If you don’t, you can always take a different path, but research is a great place to start. If gives you a lot of experience to take with you within the industry. You will obtain a lot of lab and writing experience. At the very least, research will give you the building blocks to get somewhere else, but it’s always worth a shot.

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Additional situations requiring application for transfer. UT Austin graduate students who are interested in taking undergraduate courses but who have never attended UT Austin as an undergraduate must apply for undergraduate transfer admission. The same is true for students who have taken only correspondence or extension courses at UT Austin as well as students who have taken only summer courses when enrolled as a transient student.

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Password crackers can try a lot more than 8 million guesses per second for most formats (e.g. MD5, SHA, NT Hash, LANMAN). I don't know where the 8M in that article came from, but the screenshot shows four GPUs collectively trying 656M+ guesses per second.

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*you have a chance that they will recover the database and not the key, but you should not rely on it. See the Adobe leak as an example for both cases.

If Program Action = Application:

The basic idea being that you basically accept that you can't force users to choose strong passwords, but at least eliminate the really weak passwords, allow those people who would choose stronger passwords to do so, and increase the possibilities to slow down an attacker who tries to crack your entire database. Combining with a salted, slow hash function, possibly with a secret key* should also be considered essential.

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Yeah, my calculations are the same ~25 days for 44 bits.

Interestingly, Randal's example dictionary here appears to be small (2k) and use big words (6.5 chars on average) which leads to a density of 1.7 bits per char. It might be a better dictionary for remembering passwords and choosing a custom dictionary prevents brute force with a known dictionary, but any of these approaches in my opinion are good (s/key,diceware, or custom dict) but they make different trade offs at different desired strengths.

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Who Must Meet the English Proficiency Requirement for Admission Purposes? It is required for any applicant whose native language is not English. It is not a requirement based on citizenship. Therefore, this is required of a US citizen or US Resident applicant raised and educated in a foreign country such as India or China, where English is not the native language. Conversely, it is not required of an international student raised and educated in a country such as England or Australia where English is the native language.

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A good rig can make billions of guesses per second for the formats I mentioned. A couple of years ago, Jeremi Gosney built a cluster that could try over 300 billion guesses per second for the NTLM (MD4) hash.