If you repeat the same information twice in an essay, …

I have two quotes for the same book on the same page of my essay, do I need to list it twice or is there a method where I can just cite it once and somehow indicate that that source is for x number of quotations?Thanks!

If you repeat the same information twice in an essay, ..

using the same quote twice in an essay; essay on importance of games in hindi language;

Heraclitus Quote: "You cannot step into the same river twice

Quotation marks(“ ”) always come in pairs—open quotation marks and close quotation marks. They are used to set off exact language, spoken or written, that has come from someone else. You may use quotation marks to quote a source or for dialogue. You can also use quotation marks for titles to indicate it is part of a larger work. Using quotation marks correctly in a paper, essay, or written work will ensure your writing is clear and easy to follow.

Heraclitus by Johannes Moreelse

In the abstract, the notion of using the same paper twice feels wrong — and if you contacted your old school and told them this anecdote, it would most likely cite some rule of conduct you unknowingly broke.

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The thing is, it's a two-part essay

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