The daredevil cockroach into Sara's soup.

This powerpoint is a resource to teach new tutors how to tutor a cover letter. Information on the different sections of cover letters, examples, and tips for new tutors is included.

Theo's overworked computer in a spray of sparks.

The curious toddler  a grasshopper into her mouth.

Francisco's comic book collection worth $20,000.00.

Objectives/Student Outcomes Using this Learning Guide: Students will have a greater understanding of the Mexican-American experience.

Potato chips too loudly to eat during an exam.

3. In papers dealing with strictly scientific issues it is recommended to use metaphors very rarely, especially in natural sciences. It is so because in you have to formulate theses and supply arguments. Hence, the usage of metaphors depends on the type of your essay, its goals and context.

"Writing well means never having to say, 'I guess you had to be there.'"

However, it can be easilyadapted to any discipline.

MULTIPLICATIVE: Most languages have various systems of numbering, typically at least two systems and sometimes many more. For instance, most languages distinguish between cardinal numbers (like one, two, or three in English or unus, duo, and tres in Latin) which indicate a tally and can function as adjectives or substantive adjectives, and ordinal numbers (such as first, second, and third in English or primus, secundus, and tertius in Latin), which indicate a sequence or ordering.

During bad storms, trailer parks often magnets for tornadoes.

It should be noted at the outset that this poem requires a kind of uncommon knowledge to make it work, which in turn affects the way the metaphoric map unfolds. That is, if one doesn’t already know about the tremendous distances of the universe, about the speed of light and the fact that the light we see at night left the stars eons ago, then the poem will make limited sense. Swede plays off of this somewhat specialized knowledge, extending and re-shaping it to mean something different. The first line, “summer night,” is a kigo phrase that maps out a particular kind of scene. We can, by virtue of common experience, see the summer night sky, hear crickets, smell flowers in bloom, and even feel the mosquitoes on our skin. In summer, things are alive and growing, and our interaction with the natural world is intense. Summer is full of possibility, growth, and life. Thus, the event of a summer night becomes the action that is the sum of its parts.

We use them so much that we arenot even aware we are doing so.

Aragorn has many of the marks of a mythical "hidden king" and true hero. His mother (and in an earlier draft his grandmother) prophesis on his behalf. At moments of drama a white flame appears on his brow. He loves a princess of the Elves. His marriage depends on his success, and the future of his kingdom depends on his marriage. He is supported and advised by a powerful otherworldly woman, Galadriel, and he carries tokens of his heritage and destiny (Andúril, the Elfstone). The last sapling of the White Tree of Gondor flowers to herald his marriage, and he is crowned in Gondor by Gandalf, the hierophant in the story. . . . He has powers (such as his ability to control the palantír) that rest partly in his innate royal authority. (see "Aragorn" entry in Drout 23)

Sylvia always at cute guys driving hot cars.

Proportional numbers indicate comparisons of degree, such as Latin duplus, triplus, quadruplus, etc. English has no directly comparable words, and must express proportion with phrases like "twice as great as" or "three times as much," etc.

The telephone with shrill, annoying cries.

Multiplicative numbers indicate the number of times something multiplies or recurs, such as the English words single, double, triple, or quadruple, or the Latin words simplex, duplex, triplex, and quater, etc.

is something that thunder can do.

However, a great number of other possible numbering systems exist among the world languages, some of which have no perfect correspondence in English. These include the following: