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This approach does not work for every topic. However, if you are discussing a problem of some sort (e.g. graffiti, litter, poverty, examination stress), then it makes sense to use it.

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I believe that I am suitable for the job in a number of ways. Firstly, I have worked as a babysitter for the past three years and my employers have been very satisfied with my work. The children I have looked after are between four and ten years old. Secondly, I have good organisation skills as I am a Girl Guide leader and have helped to plan four camping trips. As part of my duties, I supervise team games and sing-song sessions. I also play the guitar. Thirdly, I am a reasonably good cook. I can prepare simple pasta dishes and I have a lot of experience of making sandwiches for Girl Guide outings. Finally, I am bilingual, speaking both Indonesian and English fluently. I am also beginning to learn French.

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Yes, an informal letter should be fairly informal – but don’t overdo it! The examiner will be impressed by text messaging shorthand such as "U" for you. Likewise, please avoid excessive use of slang: your objective is to show off your knowledge of standard English vocabulary and grammar.

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