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Despite numerous behavioral problems, research into the brains of autistic children has been hampered by the lack of available brain biopsies or autopsies. Based on a very limited number of case studies, anatomical abnormalities in certain parts of the brain have been found, but the findings are not suffiently consistent to permit any firm conclusion. While the pathological data are scarce, we know virtually nothing about the neurochemistry ( neurotransmitter function ) of the autistic brain. Whatever the pathological abnormalities might be, it is generally believed that the anatomical defects are the results of abnormal development rather than damage following full development of the brain in autistic children . At present, the relationship between antibodies to MBP and autism is not understood. However, the development of this immune response may be the basis of autoimmune pathogenesis in some cases of autism. At birth, there is very little myelin in the brain, and the synthesis of myelin may not be complete until the age of 10 years or older in the normal child . Moreover, it has been suggested that some children with learning disabilities ( LD ) may have delayed or incomplete myelin development . In light of the above, it is conceivable that if an immunological assault were to occur before birth or during infancy or childhood, it could lead to poor myelin development or abnormal function of the nerve fiber myelin. This line of thinking may be an important step in the future understanding of the pathological basis of autism.

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The database containsbrief summaries of 50 major theories of learning and instruction.

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Gramsci had already become a socialist through reading pamphlets sent home to Sardinia from the mainland by an older brother. His political thought was expanded by his experiences at university and in his new home city. What Gramsci was to develop, however, was not just an ability to propagandise or to organise political activity. He became the first Marxist theorist to work with the problems of revolutionary change in 20th century Western European society and the first to identify the importance of the struggle against bourgeois values ie an ideological-cultural struggle.

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The article also presents a history of psychologists' accountsof the Albert study, focusing on the study's distortion by Watson himself,general textbook authors, behavior therapists, and most recently, a prominentlearning theorist.

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Antonio Gramsci (1891 – 1937) was a leading Italian Marxist. He was an intellectual, a journalist and a major theorist who spent his last eleven years in Mussolini’s prisons. During this time, he completed 32 notebooks containing almost 3,000 pages. These notebooks were smuggled out from his prison and published in Italian after the war but did not find an English-language publisher until the 1970s. The central and guiding theme of the Notebooks was the development of a new Marxist theory applicable to the conditions of advanced capitalism.

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Myelination is an essential part of human brain development. Nervescan only conduct pulses of energy efficiently if it is covered withmyelin. Like insulation on an electric wire, the fatty coating ofmyelin helps keep the pulses confined and maintains the integrity of theelectrical signal so that it has a high signal-to-noise ratio. When theinsulation on a wire is damaged or destroyed, the flow of electricalcurrent may be interrupted and a short-circuit occurs. See ColoradoHealth Net's for more information.

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Hospital in London, England, discovered a possible connection betweenautism and viral infection associated with the MMR vaccination. Thedamage from autism is thought to be provoked by the an allergic typereaction initiated by the body’s reaction to the vaccine. Thisauto-immine response could also affect DPP-IV, reducing its levels,thereby connecting vaccines to the opioid theory of autism.