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TheSenators and Representatives resented the steady rise in presidentialpower that had been occurring since 1877, and resented even moreTheodore Roosevelt's usual tone of command.

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"Paul Grondahl describes, as only he could, how God made Teddy Roosevelt bright and bold, but it took the real and very rough politics of Albany to make him a great politician." -- Mario Cuomo"Those who may wonder how a smallish Harvard dandy was converted by that great educational system, the New York State Legislature, into a tough political leader will be fascinated by this sparkling portrait of the indomitable young TR." -- John MacGregor Burns"Paul Grondahl, in this vivid and rollicking biography, examines the overlooked Albany chapter in TR's ascendancy to the White House, and he does it with fresh insight and powerful narrative." -- William Kennedy

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For many years, the Monroe Doctrine was practically a dead letter. The bold proclamation of 1823 that declared the Western Hemisphere forever free from European expansion bemused the imperial powers who knew the United States was simply too weak to enforce its claim. By 1900, the situation had changed. A bold, expanding America was spreading its wings, daring the old world order to challenge its newfound might. When Theodore Roosevelt became President, he decided to reassert Monroe's old declaration.

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Significance of Theodore Roosevelt
The significance of President Theodore Roosevelt in the United States was brought about by his forceful personality. He is noted have an exuberant personality – he had strong virtues of honesty and efficiency in politics, virtues of consideration and fair dealing in business. As such his moral integrity coupled with concern for fairness endeared him to the people, making him a champion of the common person besides being a media magnet (Ford). He is also famous because of this “Square Deal” in which he described his domestic agenda that emphasized on average citizen getting a fair share under his policies. On the world stage, Roosevelt was significant for his policies that were characterized by his slogan of “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” He was the brain behind the Great White Fleet that toured the world to demonstrate the American power.
The effort by Roosevelt to have the government involved in the social welfare along with fair business practices was a very innovative idea which made American history to unfold with Progressive reform in domestic policy (Banks). He is known for promotion of the Pendleton Act in which he helped replace the spoils of political appointment with a more significant merit system that relied on the ability of a person for a given job. He was a president with charismatic persuasive skills and use of the the press that he employed in pressuring the Congress to implement important programs. His foreign policy was based on the open trade of American goods worldwide, and a powerful defense system as well as U.S. arbitration over war as an issue of America’s global moral duty (Ruffin).
However, his greatest significance can be said to be his successful negotiations to end the Russo-Japanese War, an effort that ultimately won him a first Nobel Peace Prize to an American in any field. He was also posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions, especially his leadership of the Rough Riders in 1898.
During his political lifetime, Roosevelt established himself as a champion of truth, honesty, as well as environmental conversation. In all his positions of leadership, he made sure to exhaust all resources available to him to fight corruption, along with preserving the natural resources of wonders of the United States. President Theodore Roosevelt fought for laws to manage how large corporations conducted their business (Banks). He brought about protection for the environment by setting aside massive land for the creation of parks, national forests, as well as game preserves. The President also takes credit for the construction of the Panama Canal, which is a waterway in Central America that was and still is central to the trade and military interests of the United States.
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Paul Grondahl is the author of several books, including acclaimed political biographies of Theodore Roosevelt and Albany Mayor Erastus Corning 2nd, which the New York Times Book Review called "a minor classic" and the New Yorker compared to Robert Caro's "The Power Broker."

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