Truism No. 1: On the internet, attack is easier than defense.

Precious few people I know do both. The worst part about it is not having to keep up with two completely different and ever-changing domains, it's the politics surrounding it. Having done a fair part of implementing (and enforcing) regulation, policies and procedures myself, it generally is a friggin' nightmare without full support of the board AND a major business case like mandatory ISO/IEC 27001 certification et al. On a societal level, that translates to who really cares and what just totally blew up? With regards to the IoT, the current answer is "no one" and "nothing", making it reasonably hard to create any awareness about the problem unless you can somehow associate it with terrorism.

Now that's the interesting point about IoT.

With that in mind, a closed, not highly Internet enabled country makes the most sense- like China.

China doing some tests to break the Internet? LOL

We also need to start disconnecting systems. If we cannot secure complex systems to the level required by their real-world capabilities, then we must not build a world where everything is computerized and interconnected.

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Here's the thing: Governments will get involved, regardless. The risks are too great, and the stakes are too high. Government already regulates dangerous physical systems like cars and medical devices. And nothing motivates the U.S. government like fear. Remember 2001? A nominally small-government Republican president created the Office of Homeland Security 11 days after the terrorist attacks: a rushed and ill-thought-out decision that we've been trying to fix for over a decade. A fatal disaster will similarly spur our government into action, and it's unlikely to be well-considered and thoughtful action. Our choice isn't between government involvement and no government involvement. Our choice is between smarter government involvement and stupider government involvement. We have to start thinking about this now. Regulations are necessary, important, and complex; and they're coming. We can't afford to ignore these issues until it's too late.

Let's assume the attack to take down the internet comes from EastAsia.

John Locke (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

#1. Computers are already everywhere and in everything.
#2. They have microphones, video cameras, GPS, and other sensors.
#3. They are already connected to the Internet.
#4. Government has neither the strength nor the desire to overcome the lust of all the peeping toms that want to violate the privacy of our homes, vehicles, businesses, public spaces, and even remote mountains, hills, forests, and nature preserves.
#5. All regulators want is to a back door in everything, as if there aren't already 1001 back doors in every device on the market. And they are already slobbering at the prospect of all homes to be fully IoT-connected with on the Internet.

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Your approach is like a Band-Aid on a mortal gangrenous wound. Particularly as regards the irreversible trend to connect everything to the internet. The internet is no longer ours. It will require total war in meatspace to find, defend, and maintain a place to live and work with even the merest shred of decency or modicum of privacy from the cyber war zone and human-trafficking red-light district which the internet has become.

Truism No. 3: Connecting everything to each other via the internet will expose new vulnerabilities.

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The worry about state-actor attacks like this is somewhat like that; Many don't quite "get it" and believe that the individual parts that they are not interested in are not critical to others. You stop the cat videos flowing and you have as much of a problem as if you block consumer bank accounts. Some here will worry about the power station or the sewage systems being attacked while not noticing the traffic lights and cameras not working anymore.

Russia and China, yeah, together they’ve invented the Internet, just to harm the US!

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I was not interested in getting anything other than the town gas and hydrogen off to run a generator whilst using the gassifier to produce heat for a hot water system to heat a largeish work shop and also dry other biomass.

Are there presently any degree programs for people interested in public-interest technology?

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Oh how about when gov't agencies themselves are found to be making companies more insecure and attacking them, that there's some legal recourse for the people who authorized and carried out those orders? Like jail time?