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Lawrence's Canon He is a renowned author
Has his own canon, has written 13 novels, four of which are known to be his best accomplishments
Sons and Lovers, The Rainbow, Women in Love, and Lady Chatterley's Lover
Has a collection of short stories, best known ones are The Captain's Doll and The Fox
Canon of Literature Novelistic Details Takes place before WW1 in London, England
Exemplifies a philosophical perspective through the genre of moderism

Lawrence's The Horse Dealer's Daughter Essay

Lawrence, the fox and 'the woman who rode away' / R.P

dreams and the heaviness of male destiny in The Fox.(D.H

Lawrence is a realist Quality of the novel Canon of Literature Critical Essays and Books Teaches people familial relations and how to deal with certain downfalls within those relations
Easily relatable to real life experiences for the reader
Many essays and books have been written on D.H.

Discussion About DH Lawrence's "The Fox" - Podcast Group B - YouTube

Continuation of Plot About the Author Introduction Novel - Sons and Lovers by DH Lawrence
Written in 1913
Today is regarded as a masterpiece by many critics
Seen as Lawrence's finest piece of work
David Herbert Lawrence
Born on September 11 in 1885 in Nottinghamshire, England
Passed away on March 2, 1930 in Vence, France (age 45)
An English novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, literary critic and painter Lawrence's Life Continued Story about family
A family seeking love, losing communication, and craving the essence of family
Begins with the story of a failing marriage Further leads into the effect it has on the children
The relationships that the characters have with each other
The several results due to the downfalls the family goes through In the same way, William and Paul Morel become very cold towards their father and Pauls relationships never work out due to his relationship with his mother.
Lawrence included his life experiences in his novel Sons and Lovers Canon of Literature D.H.

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