So inspiring...I love this video

There is so much energy that you can feel coming from your commitment... or is it your heart. Both of you seem to have found the way to reach your highest potential.. through all that you give.. to each other.. and all who know you. Thank you sooo much. xxx, m

This is an inspirational video and testament to true friendship!

What an awesome and inspiring story. These two young men will no doubt go very far in life.

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The Cay is one heck of a mash-up. Author 's children's novel is both a gripping war story and a classic desert-island tale of survival. The action is set during and begins on Curaçao, a off the coast of Venezuela. Our protagonist is an American boy named Phillip who is about to experience first-hand the harsh realities of war. Just as he is fleeing the island with his mother, his ship is torpedoed by a . Phillip is injured during the blast, which causes him to go blind.

Wow! Simply amazing! What inspiration.

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So very beautiful! Two souls who exemplify determination and courage and unconditinal love. True friendship and compassion. Lessons for all of us. Wonderful things are ahead for these 2 wonderful young men! I can't wait to share this story at my first Family Festival on sharing kindness an no-bullying.

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Very inspiring story. Makes me realize that anything is possible with a positive attitude and to make the best out of every situation. Thank you for sharing this story with us and thank you to both the young men for being such a great example for us all.

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hi i am a student at absegami high schoool i loved this video.. i loved it so much that i would love for you both to come in my school and speak as motivational spreakers for the students. i think that will be a very good idea and it will show some of the students in my school thay no matter what is goin gon, you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. i would realy love it if you can consider it. and it would be great to actually meet you both in person.

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Since its publication in 1969, The Cay has won nearly a dozen different literary awards and remains a staple of elementary and middle school classrooms. While the nonstop action is part of The Cay's popularity, the book is also a coming-of-age story that addresses more serious issues, such as race relationships. The novel's young protagonist is a white American who has picked up bigoted attitudes from his family back on Curaçao. When he becomes close friends with Timothy, the black West Indian man who is his sole human companion on the island, he is forced to confront his own prejudices. Phillip's personal transformation and growing love for Timothy is at the heart of the story; his change of heart gives emotional weight to the rest of the novel's excitement.

Mar 21, 2013 · In the novel The Cay By Theodore Taylor, an important theme for this novel is survival. It is important because Timothy cares for Philip because he is blind.

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A very compelling 'story' of how adversity can be overcome with courage and the commitment not to give up. I suspect there was also some very important 'mentoring' that went with this powerful story.

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You two men are leaders. You lead by your example of fearlessness based on love and friendship. You will change the lives of everybody who watches this. Thank you for sharing this with us.