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I understand that many people define themselves as "mentally ill," and accept a medical model. If you do this, that is your choice. I respect you.

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The boom passed sometime after, but the group has remained. Yoshida says the it currently has around 30 members, many of whom are in their 50s, and they have created about 200 wrestlers. The members get together once or twice a month for a tournament as well as shindeshi kensa (apprentice examination), when they check the size and shape of newly created paper wrestlers to ensure fair matches.

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Schools were designed by Horace Mann and Barnard Sears and Harper of the University of Chicago and Thorndyke of Columbia Teachers College and some other men to be instruments of the scientific management of a mass population. Schools are intended to produce through the application of formulae, formulaic human beings whose behavior can be predicted and controlled.

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The world is a terrifying place. We manage it by believing we can control it. And when it hasn’t been controlled—when it doesn’t bend to our wills—we either look for something to blame, or we surrender.

My baby is developing normally and is healthy and strong.

Even after I’d accepted my daughter’s missing bit of a fourth chromosome, even after I’d accepted her developmental delays and febrile seizures and willowy, miniscule frame, I struggled to accept her spine. For her first two years, I didn’t like bathing her because I saw the serpentine curve beneath her skin. I worried it would twist so badly it would snap her in half. I worried about her fragility. I worried with the same uncontrollable compulsion that I feared my childhood ceiling fan would spin off and cut me.

Silverman - Skylar Hamilton Burris

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"Crueel Tigre": Animal Imagery and Metaphor in "The Knight's Tale" - Jennifer LaBurre [.pdf]

Howard - Diana Dosik - Tucker Scott

So speaking of everyday English, what about slang words for us? As with any oppressed minorities, these words can hurt, and sometimes the words are meant to hurt.

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I just asked my friend the other day: “Do you remember in the 90s when every illness was your own fault?” I remember seeing Carolyn Myss on PBS discussing this.

Polity, Power, and Obedience in the Griselda Story - Peter Berek, et al.

“Cut it now!” the midwife commanded.

Today, a few years later, I can bathe my daughter. I can look at the curve. I can see how it noticeably alters her hip alignment, her posture, her gait. I see how it is a meandering river inside her back. And I can, as I did tonight, run my hand along it. I feel the twists and turns as attentively as my stepfather would. Only as I sense the slopes and angles, I do not attempt to change them. I let them—those imperfect hemi-vertebrae—change me.