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When I was young, my mom brought me to the pool nearly every day due to the fact that she had once been a lifeguard and state diver. These are the best memories that I have of my childhood. My mom had me on swim teams since I was four and this highly contributed to my abilities in the water that help me so much in the new sport that I have picked up called water polo.

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in the Sumerian city-state of Lagash.

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The waves worked against me. Then, with my face down in murk, I thought, Wait — this is the ocean. There are no leeches. No. The slick creatures in my hair were the only thing worse than leeches. They were shit. Shit netted in my hair. I wanted to cry with my face underwater, but I thought, don't cry. The shit will get into your tear ducts.

6 lane 33m main pool and teaching pool.

I was swimming in a flume of raw sewage, coming from the cement pipe the woman was standing on. "No, no, no," I shouted into the wind. I lifted myself in the wave with three big kicks. The water around me was a soupy pale gloss, indifferently drifting out to sea. I could smell it now, black and foul. I put my hand on my head, in a reaction of pure grief, and found that my hair was covered with leeches. Leeches! Sea leeches! Sea leeches that fed on sewage!

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The dipstick tour guide, with his floppy jungle hat and clipboard, croaked out only this: "You can't swim here." Which made me laugh, which allowed everyone else to laugh. And here's the thing, as shocked as I had been, I knew well enough that the only one who was going to take care of me was me. "I'm gonna need a bar of soap," I said.

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When I looked up, maybe ten yards from the shore, I could see the leader of my tour group cresting the rise, the rest of the tour behind him. The woman was running toward them, waving her arms like some rag doll. I climbed up and out, over the rocks, which were so intensely sharp that I fell over. Another mistake. I'd climbed up on a bed of sea urchins. I could hear the clinking of rucksacks as the group jogged toward me, the shit-poisoned urchin-attack victim.

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About halfway there, I hit seaweed, which has always given me the creeps. I looked back to the shore. The woman was waving. Silly. She wanted me not to take the risk, but I knew I was fine. We couldn't hear each other — too windy — so I swam on, seaweed and all. A few moments later, it was draped over my arms. I decided to head back. By now the woman was jumping up and down, screaming. I figured the bus was leaving. Just as well — the seaweed was driving me crazy. I brushed it away again. Once, then twice.

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Though I live on land, I only feel at home in the water. Some people think that swimming is just a sport, but for some people, it is a way of life for those people who are willing to work hard enough on it. Not only has swimming given me something to do, it has given me loads of friends.

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That's when I noticed that it smeared on my skin.

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I scrubbed off, visited a doctor, and two girls cut my hair. Years later, I forgot the name of the town where it happened, but I never forgot the terror of the moment. It's vivid still. I now think of it as a great moment. I also remember that it happened under the bluest sky I have ever seen.