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Products such as smart-phones and CD players are apparent substitutes for MP3 players, CD players being predecessors to MP3 players and smart-phones being the more immediate thread. The increase in the price of either one of these three goods leads to an increase in demand of the other (Mankiw,68). This concept is illustrated by the coupling of mobile phone service with the phone (the hardware), which allows for the illusion of a decrease in price of smart-phones and therefore may cause a decrease in the demand for MP3 Players.

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In microeconomics, supply and demand is an economic model of price determination in a market

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Complements and Substitutes
As is every other market, the MP3 Player market is influenced by complements and substitutes. Products which are clearly considered as complements to this good include headphones, carrying cases, MP3 downloads, and the music itself. An increase in the price of these types of products will lead to a decrease in the demand for MP3 Players (Mankiw, 68) One may even assume that an increase in the amount of music released by popular musicians within a given year will lead to an increase in demand of MP3 Players in that year as well.

Demand is also a combination of aspiration to possess something, capability to pay for it and the willingness to reimburse.

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Elasticity of demand in this market is affected by time horizon and the availability of close substitutes. As time progresses, the luxury status of certain products diminishes and the quantity demanded significantly lessens. The demand is elastic as there are many similar products in this market, all of which have different price points. Whether it is an iPod Shuffle or an iPod Touch, it is easy for consumers to find a substitute in another brand if they are not satisfied with the price. To combat this, Apple created the immensely popular called ‘Tunes’, which is a complement program which is provided for free in order to create a less elastic demand. With the iTunes business model, Apple has created a medium beneficial to all parties (consumer, retailer, and artist).

Global business interaction seems to bring about the relationship between the firm and supplier how to make a profit effectively.

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Supply and demand is the law in economics, which sets the interconnection between the indicators of supply and demand of goods and services and their prises. Generally, the cheaper the prise is, the higher the number of the potential customers which makes the demand higher, but the supply is lower. The problem of supply and demand is quite relevant and has always existed in the human civilization, as there have always been unique goods and services which attracted numerous customers, but the supply of the merchants was low, which made the prise of the product high. Everyone wants to purchase a high-quality product and pay little, but unfortunately, it is impossible, because if the prise is low and the demand is high, no one will offer the supply of this product, because the expenditure on the production of high-quality goods are higher than the profit after selling it cheaply.

Micro economists believe it is the forces of supply and demand in any market eliminate any shortages or surpluses in that market.

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Nowadays, in the world of severe competition on the market the majority of companies try to stay in the middle of these indicators striving to produce the very goods a customer requires and setting the lowest prises to attract these customers, because if the rival company produces the same goods but cheaper, the business will be close to bankrupting. The indicators of supply and demand depend on a few factors. For example, the demand increases seasonally, as it depends on fashion and relevance of the product, the income of the society, size of the market, inflation, etc. There are more factors which influence the supply: technologies, the size of the market, the existence of the goods which can substitute the company’s product, taxes, resources, expectations, etc.

"Supply creates its own demand" is the formulation of Say's law

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