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A sense of discorrespondence and discontinuity is also suggested by covenant theology when they are forced to admit that new covenant Christians experience "superior" spiritual "benefits," or that these "benefits" take on "deeper meaning" in the new covenant. Within their emphasis on the "people of God," there is also a discorrespondence and discontinuity in the explanation that the physical application of this designation predominated in the previous covenant periods, but a spiritual application of the "people of God" predominates in the new covenant period.

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As per the views of my peers in Bangladesh, the American culture translated to both positive and negative aspects. Negativity was linked to the oppressiveness of the American foreign policy, which is based on the aggressive domination of inferior countries. At that time, I did not posses any experience for agreeing or disagreeing with their expansive views. The day I relocated to New York with my family ten years ago, is still fresh in my mind. It was one of the best moments in my life, as well as an unexpected life changing experience that I will never forget. To date, I still cannot come to terms with leaving behind my friends, family and the people I grew up with, as it was one of the hardest experiences in my life. By then I was only fourteen years old and I was not prepared for the cultural shock that hit my mother, sister and I. To me, embracing another culture would encompass a lot of getting used to (Mills, 2000).

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In considering the debate, discussed in the text, between biology and sociology over the origins of gender roles, some widely cited studies by sociologists over gender differences in children’s play and games provide important evidence for the importance of socialization.

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If the major difference between Covenant theology and Dispensational theology is their theological correspondence or discorrespondence and historical continuity or discontinuity (as has been the format of our comparison), how then do we evaluate these differences and apply those categories within a Christocentric interpretation?

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Peer influences also encourage gender socialization. As they reach school age, children begin to play different games based on their gender (see the “Sociology Making a Difference” box). Boys tend to play sports and other competitive team games governed by inflexible rules and relatively large numbers of roles, while girls tend to play smaller, cooperative games such as hopscotch and jumping rope with fewer and more flexible rules. Although girls are much more involved in sports now than a generation ago, these gender differences in their play as youngsters persist and continue to reinforce gender roles. For example, they encourage competitiveness in boys and cooperation and trust among girls. Boys who are not competitive risk being called “sissy” or other words by their peers. The patterns we see in adult males and females thus have their roots in their play as young children (King, Miles, & Kniska, 1991).