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They have low visibility in the curricula and training programs for mental health professionals.Nor have the questions these scholars and practitioners raised led to the kind of research that is to support race-conscious and culturally appropriate practices for the mental health programs and agencies working with African American families.At the same time, however, the original thinking of authors like Poussaint and DeGruy is very much in sync with the new emphasis on in social work across all fields of practice.As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded in a May 2014 , undiagnosed childhood neglect or trauma is widespread among American adults and is the root cause of mental health and behavioral problems in adulthood.Indeed, it is now the recommendation of the that trauma-informed care be integrated into all assessment and treatment procedures.This emphasis on trauma provides a new lens for developing research into the impact of slavery—and its legacy of structural and institutional racism—on black mental health today.The problem is, no one likes to talk about slavery.For blacks descended from slaves, the subject evokes feelings of shame and embarrassment associated with the degradations of slavery.

large part because of racism via slavery.

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The Iberian Peninsula had been the site of wars for several centuries by the , and the Christian/Islamic animosity there was pronounced; enslaving captured opponents was standard practice. Portugal began the maritime innovations that would see them seize the spice trade from their Islamic rivals. is closely associated with the rise of Portuguese maritime knowledge and practice. How responsible Henry was for Portugal’s maritime prowess has long been debated, but what is not debatable is that Portugal began developing the necessary knowledge and skills for accomplishing an unprecedented feat: sailing the world’s oceans. Until that time, only the Indian Ocean was regularly traveled because of its relatively gentle and predictable nature. Not until Europe’s rise were the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, and Antarctic oceans regularly traveled. sailors , unsuccessfully, and even settled some Atlantic islands, but Portugal was humanity’s first successful practitioner of transoceanic navigation. Many , and sailed down the Atlantic Coast of Africa and across the Atlantic. The Portuguese began , , and in 1434, Portugal became the first European power to on the African coast.

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Serfdom largely replaced slavery in Europe by about 1000, but . By 1434, the first captured Africans to use as slaves were delivered to . The sitting pope , and one of humanity’s greatest disasters began. Portugal dominated the for more than three centuries. The other Portuguese commercial obsession, before they seized the , , was gold. African gold began pouring into Lisbon when the slaves did, and the Portuguese began minting gold coins in 1452. The pursuit of slaves and gold characterized Portuguese and Spanish efforts in the Western Hemisphere during the 16th century, which caused history’s greatest demographic catastrophe: . Life was also cheap in the imperial nations. The mortality rate for the crew during the centuries that Portugal used its spice route . , and Europe ignored the cures for centuries.

slavery caused racism
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Some scientists treat every proboscidean extinction as a unique mystery, unrelated to other proboscidean extinctions, and climate and resulting vegetation changes are hypothesized as agents of extinction (or other causes invoked), when the most probable cause stares at them each morning in the mirror. The devil in the details, but regarding the megafauna extinctions, some specialists cannot seem to discern a very clear pattern. Scientists, because they are human, have an inherent conflict of interest when attributing such catastrophes to non-human causes. During the remainder of this essay, it will become evident that there is a human penchant for absolving one’s in-group of responsibility for catastrophes and crimes committed against the out-group, and , scientists, and other professionals regularly engage in such interest-conflicted acts, whether they were defending their species, race, gender, nation, class, ideology, ethnicity, or profession. That in-group/out-group difference in treatment has a long history and probably goes back to the beginnings of territorial social animals.

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4. The paternalism of slavery undermined the slaves therefore produced some self-fulfilling characterizations of the slaves. We have a similar phenomenon going on today inner city African-Americans. The paternalism of the state undermines traditional family structure and work incentives which then produces a dysfunctional culture which appears to need lots of extra help. This also inspires bigotry because people who are so undermined will begin to lead in violent crime, fatherlessness, etc and fit the stereotypes of those inclined toward bigotry.

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Brigham Young refused Elijah Abel (whom Joseph allowed to be ordained to the higher priesthood) from being endowed in the Nauvoo temple with the rest of the Saints. Perhaps the racism came from Brigham moving forward because we've seen little evidence that Joseph felt that way (except for a few comments) and we could find no official church policy on blacks written during Joseph's life. He was out to win over all men regardless of race, nationality or color. When Joseph ran for president of the United States he made ending slavery a key issue of his campaign.