When Henry orders their arrest, however, they beg for forgiveness.

Gould's influence on twentieth-century criticism is hard to overemphasize. Postwar criticism of the 1920s and '30s continued to produce some one-sidedly heroic/patriotic readings of the play, but sophisticated scrutiny of the play's ironies and ambivalences and of Shakespeare's consciously multivalent arguments would gain traction throughout the ensuing decades. The 1940s, unsurprisingly, saw a resurgence in conservative arguments for a heroic Henry, as the Second World War became the overwhelming interpretive context: G. Wilson Knight's The Olive and the Sword sought to muster Henry Vas a source for "refuelling [the] national confidence" at the same time as Laurence Olivier's film version of the play was pressed into the service of the War Office (Wilson Knight, Olive4). But even John Dover Wilson, who sought in his 1947 edition to recuperate Henry's heroism in the face of the anti-Henry legacy of Hazlitt, concedes that the play is more complex than the pre-Gould reductively patriotic readings would suggest. Henry is not Shakespeare's ideal, Dover Wilson argues, hearkening back to Dowden's treatment, but a successful king in a flawed world. Wilson's conception of war is informed by his moment, but by arguing that Shakespeare's was similarly influenced by his, Dover Wilson finds a way to counter Hazlitt's attack:

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The play explores KingHenry's struggles to overcome his past and the sins of his predecessors.

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The terrible fact about Henry V is that Shakespeare seems equally tempted by both its rival gestalts. And he forces us, as we experience and re-experience and reflect on the play, as we encounter it in performances which inevitably lean in one direction or the other, to share its conflict. (293)

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In Henry V Shakespeare creates a work whose ultimate power is precisely the fact that it points in two opposite directions, virtually daring us to choose one of the two opposed interpretations it requires of us (Rabkin 279).

The play gained such an enormous popularity, that Shakespeare produced a sequel to it - Henry IV - Part II .
As the guardian of the people, the promotion of righteousness should be have been the first priority of Henry V.

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It is therefore essential that Shakespeare makes this theme obvious to the audience even before characters die, and his primary way of doing this is through the foreshadowing of these deaths.

The present essay is an examination of the various and significant effects that Shakespeare's comedic scenes have on I Henry IV and II Henry IV....

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[Henry's] war against France is a righteous war, and seemed as much so to Shakespeare's public as the war against the Nazis seems to us. Once this is realized, a fog of suspicion and detraction is lifted from the play; the mirror held up in 1599 shines bright once more; and we are at liberty to find a hero's face reflected within it. (Wilson, Henry V xxxiv)

We soon see the change, and it is evidential that it is for the better, later on in the play when we witness Henry go to war with France.

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Many of Shakespeare's other works are nearly absolute in their adherence to either the comic or tragic traditions, but in the two Henry IV plays Shakespeare combines comedy and drama in ways that seem to bring a certain realism to his characters, and thus the plays.