Science and Mysticism: Are They Compatible

The fact that thereare two creation accounts in Genesis which differ in in-essentialdetails shows precisely that the in-essential details are not to betaken literally. This is no doubt why God caused there to be two suchaccounts (Jews were of course very aware of such issues, see the in the Apocrypha). The Bible says that "Godcreatedmanin his own image" and "formed man out of the dust of the earth".Science, not Theology, addresses the question of how, scientifically,this formation took place.

At present the evidence that God chose to do this through the physicalprocesses of 'evolution' is very strong. Not only is there the obviousevidence about the physical similarities of organisms, the astonishinggenetic similarities between Hom. Sap. and eg strongly suggest that God uses this amazingly powerful principle inmuch of the work of His creation, just as eg He uses gravity and otherelegant physical laws. By making the universe full ofbeautifyscientific laws not only does He give us futher insight into Hisfaithfulness (remember how had Psalm 111:2 engraved over the)but He makes itpossible for us to be His co-creatorsand to be free to chose to love Him.

Of course those who say Evolution when they mean Atheistic Evolution asa metaphysical principle (beings evolve without God) rather than ascientific one (beings evolve) are simply equivocating. Butaspointedout, the science of Evolution does not entailAtheistic Evolution, and is at least equally compatible, as all truescience is, with Christianity. Remember how desparately atheists triedto avoide the Big Bang because it sounded too like creation? However, as points out, if Atheistic Evolution were thewhole story, then human reason could only have evolved to give survivalvalue rather than truth, and consequently Atheistic Evolution acts as a'defeater' to its own rationality.

It seems that God formed humans from some pre-humans by endowing them(male and female) with a human Spirit (the 'breath of life' also means'spirit of life' - the words are the same in Hebrew and Greek) and thisis not at all incompatible with Genesis - not only does it fill in manydetails that (of course) Genesis leaves out, it also explains where theother people in Genesis 4 come from.

John 5:47 is of course talking about Moses's testimony and hasno directrelevance to the theory of Evolution.

John kindly described this draft response as 'admirable' "the onlypoint I would add would be that madethe Plantinga pointabout rationality and evolutionary necessity already in the 19thCentury"

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Science and Mysticism : Are they compatible ?

Science and Mysticism: Are they compatible?

If a proof of God's existence can bedone,then how important is it? Hopefully this is just a rhetoricalquestion.
This proof meets scientific standards such as beingfalsifiable,as stipulated by the late Stephen Jay Gould and documented by KarlPopper. Within it are precisely defined the points that are provableand when faith begins. With this proof, the most ardentevolutionist will have to agree that evolution is an unrealistictheory. Why? Because this is strictly on based onfacts,and truth, that lead where they will lead.
We need tobe clear though that the Evolutionislike Gravity - it clearly happens and is an important biological Law ofNature. However just as Gravity in no way disproves the idea that Godcreated the Universe, but merely gives some important insights into God created the Universe, so Evolutionis not at allincompatible with Christianity. Of course if people likeDawkinsmakean Idol out of Evolution, and suggest that it not only is an importantlaw of Biology but Explains Everything then this is not only profoundlyun-Christian but also profoundly un-scientific. That ideadoesn'tneeddisporving but de-bunking!
Outside Mathematics proofs can only be persuasive, never utterlyconclusive. After all God does not force us to believe, Hewantsfaith.
:We have come to seethat proff is a category of limited application (even in mathematics,as Godel showed). What we need is well motivated belief, andIbelieve Christian faith can claim that. A useful philosopher here is .

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Susan Brinkmann: In my experience teaching Carmelite spirituality, I have learned that the reason so many Catholics are adopting or attempting to blend eastern meditation techniques into their prayer life is because they sincerely don’t understand what Christian prayer is all about. The Church’s mystical tradition is rarely, if ever, addressed from the pulpit, which leaves many vulnerable to being drawn into eastern forms of prayer that are not compatible with Christian prayer.

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Science and Mysticism : Are they compatible ? To analyse the relationship between Science and Mysticism we must first understand what these two words mean.

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Science and Mysticism: Are They Compatible? .Pat Duffy Hutcheon, Humanist in Canada (Winter 1996/97), p.20-24. KEY TERMS: mysticism -- transcendentalism

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