“a thrillingly fresh and imaginative revival”

“captures the glory of Shaffer’s writing, its wit and agility, its intellectual richness, its impishness. It’s a feast of a play and the cast eats its fill.”

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“The Southbank Sinfonia are integrated into the world of the play to stunning effect”

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“Shaffer tears apart drawing room domesticity with the sort of devastating emotional truths explored by American dramatists such as Miller, Williams, Albee and O’Neill.”

“pulsating, immediate tragedy”

“eloquently captures a post-war world on the turn and says much about the complexity of immigrant identity, the tangle of families, and the shifting, intricate relationships that so often exist between children and their parents.”

“Longhurst has let the air of today into Amadeus in bravura fashion.”

Sir Peter Levin Shaffer, CBE (15th May 1926 – 6th June 2016 )

EQUUS was first produced by the National Theatre at the Old Vic, and then in the West End and on Broadway where it ran for over 1200 performances. It was revived in the West End to great acclaim in 2007 and subsequently ran on Broadway. It was also made into a film which earned Peter an academy award nomination.

Macnaughton Lord Representation , London

His multi award-winning play AMADEUS, opened at the National Theatre in 1979, and on Broadway in 1980 (running for over 1000 performances), and then transferred to the West End. The 1984 film won Peter Shaffer one of its eight Academy Awards. AMADEUS will be revived at the National Theatre in Autumn 2016.

“Jamie Glover’s cracking revival”

LETTICE AND LOVAGE ran for nearly three years in the West End. In 1990, LETTICE AND LOVAGE opened on Broadway with Maggie Smith and Margaret Tyzack both winning Tony awards for their roles.

Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again.

“A soaring song of genius and jealousy”

“One big sadness of the night – that Shaffer, who died in June, wasn’t able to see his masterpiece in its latest incarnation. I feel sure he’d have approved.”

“it reminds us of Shaffer’s talent for creating memorable theatrical spectacles.”

“the drama becomes as towering as the music.”

Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again.

“high drama and symphonic storytelling done at its best.”

THE PRIVATE EAR and THE PUBLIC EYE, two comedies, were staged as a double bill in the West End in 1962. His next play, THE ROYAL HUNT OF THE SUN, was produced by the National Theatre at Chichester, and subsequently at the Old Vic and in New York. It has since been adapted for both film and opera, and was revived at the National Theatre in 2006.