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images about A Sand County Almanac on Pinterest California Curt Meine who has spent most of his career studying Leopold s lifelong approach to conservation

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By Loudon Wainwright III. A couple experience withdrawal symptoms as theytry to quit their addictions. Unfortunately, they eventually fall off the wagonand go back to their bad habits. "...We were so superior but that was justa phase. We were so high on life for fourteen days...I kept having nightmaresand you kept gaining weight. We gave in to our withdrawal pains and finallytook the bait. In no time we were hooked again..."

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By Marc Cohn. A tribute to , the point of entry to the United States for many immigrants."I was driving down Ninth Avenue, as the sky was getting dark. Didn't havenothin' else to do so I kept on riding to Battery Park ... I could almost hearthe sounds of thousands pushing through the lines. Mothers and bewildered wivesthat sailed across the raging sea. Others runnin' for their lives, to the landof opportunity. Down on Ellis Island..."

The reader should not expect this book to be of similar quality or superior to Sand County Almanac (Leopold, 1949, Oxford).

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Barbra Kingsolver, author of “High Tide in Tucson,” Aldo Leopold of A Sand County Almanac, and Rachel Carson of Silent Spring agree that the way many humans treat nature is worsening and needs to be reexamined....

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The early portions of A SandCounty Almanac, like the early days of its author's career,presents evidence, not argument, just as CharlesDarwin's encounters with the Galapagos finches gave evidence, notargument, for evolution.

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A Sand County Almanac invites thereader to share the author's perceptions, and to follow him fromfield observations, to generalizations, to moral precepts.

Indeed, Sand County Almanac is the sequel to Round River, despite the fact that they were pub- lished in reverse order.

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Companion to A Sand County Almanac Interpretive and Critical Sacred Habitats recounted how early in the twentieth century he himself engaged in wolf extermination efforts He wrote I thought that because fewer wolves meant more

and Restoration in Round River by Aldo Leopold In the essay the "Round River ..

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Beethoven's "Pastoral Symphony," Debussy's La Mer, VanGogh's Starry Night, Thoreau's Walden, Ed Abbey'sDesert Solitaire, Sigurd Olson's The SingingWilderness, and, of course, Aldo Leopold's A Sand CountyAlmanac -- all are voices of nature speaking back to us andthrough us.

To those who know the charm of Aldo Leopold's writing in A Sand County Almanac, ..

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"Look about" in the deserts of the Arizona andNew Mexico, in the Northern lakes and forests, and above all, in theSand Counties of Central Wisconsin where Leopold guides you throughthe seasons at his farm..