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Too, as a parody, the novel operates to reinforce that native people are incapable of self-analysis or thoughtfulcommentary on contemporary social dilemmas.In Reservation Blues the introduction of elements for 'affect," likewise becomes stripped of emotional investment.

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N2 - Popular music compels, it entertains, and it has the power to attract and move audiences. With that in mind, the editors of Indigenous Pop showcase the contributions of American Indian musicians to popular forms of music, including jazz, blues, country-western, rock and roll, reggae, punk, and hip hop. From Joe Shunatona and the United States Indian Reservation Orchestra to Jim Pepper, from Buffy Saint-Marie to Robbie Robertson, from Joy Harjo to Lila Downs, Indigenous Pop vividly addresses the importance of Native musicians and popular musical genres, establishing their origins and discussing what they represent. Arranged both chronologically and according to popular generic forms, the book gives Indigenous pop a broad new meaning. In addition to examining the transitive influences of popular music on Indigenous expressive forms, the contributors also show ways that various genres have been shaped by what some have called the "Red Roots" of American-originated musical styles. This recognition of mutual influence extends into the ways of understanding how music provides methodologies for living and survival. Each in-depth essay in the volume zeros in on a single genre and in so doing exposes the extraordinary whole of Native music. This book showcases the range of musical genres to which Native musicians have contributed and the unique ways in which their engagement advances the struggle for justice and continues age-old traditions of creative expression.

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Reservation Blues contains condemnation of social issues as they stand, but Alexie�s talent prevents his work from being a novelized version of a lecture directed at evil whites busily subjugating Alexie and his people to their will.

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Victor Reservation Blues For many years, the effects of dominantly white cultures have been evident

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Like script, on page one, the cast of characters fromSherman Alexie's earlier work appear, as well as the newcomer to the reservation Robert Johnson, the legendary bluesman.

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In Reservation Blues by Sherman Alexie, and Notes of a Native Speaker by Eric Liu, both authors delve into the issue of white supremacy and its effect on minority groups.

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