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The goals of this study centered on three types of information (perceptual, behavioral, and performance-based), which CASTL-HE collected through a student survey, individual and focus group interviews, and an analysis of student records. In addition to basic demographic and college enrollment questions, the survey primarily focused on the types of research students had conducted while in college. Interviews with a subset of survey respondents explored students’ ability to conduct independent research, their confidence with and intellectual excitement about the research process, and their desire to engage in research in college and beyond. The analysis of student records involved a statistical examination of various correlations among IB alumni’s Extended Essay grades, overall Diploma scores, college grade-point averages, and continuation rates.

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Basically the extended essay is a piece of independent research done during the course of IB.
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The International Baccalaureate (IB) Extended Essay is a requirement for students to engage in independent research through an in-depth study of a question relating to one of the six subjects they are studying. A significant number of IB alumni matriculate at UVA every year, so CASTL-HE was a natural choice to research the impact of the Extended Essay on former IB students’ post-secondary careers. This study focused on current undergraduates’ experiences with research while in college and used a student survey, individual and/or focus group interviews, and an analysis of student records.

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13. Connected in some sort with the forementioned essay, and in their way equally valuable, are his tracts on Education and the early Conduct of the Understanding; both worthy, as we apprehend, of a more careful perusal than is commonly bestowed upon them, the latter more especially, which seems to be little known and less attended to. It contains an easy popular illustration of some discoveries in the foregoing essay, particularly that great and universal law of nature, the support of so many mental powers, (v. g. that of memory under all its modifications) and which produces equally remarkable effects in the intellectual, as that of gravitation does in the material world;—I mean the association of ideas: the first hint whereof did not appear till the fourth edition of his essay, and then came in as it were by the by, under some very peculiar circumstances, and in comparatively trivial instances; the author himself seeming not to be sufficiently aware of its extensiveness, and the many uses to which it is applicable, and has been applied of late by several of our own writers. The former tract abounds with no less curious and entertaining than useful observations on the various tempers and dispositions of youth: with proper directions for the due regulation and improvement of them, and just remarks on the too visible defects in that point; nor should it be looked upon as merely fitted for the instruction of schoolmasters or nurses, but as affording matter of reflection to men of business, science, and philosophy. The several editions of this treatise, which has been much esteemed by foreigners, with the additions made to it abroad, may be seen in Gen. Dict. Vol. VII. p. 145.

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