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Thesis: Revisionist or Post revisionist blaming america ??? The Cold War (1947-1991) was a continuing political conflict, military tension, economic competition and nuclear arm race between the two superpowers of the time, the USA and the USSR. It is a conflict inherited from the Second World War which did not lead to a hot war but to many proxy wars, coalitions, propaganda and espionage. The Cold War was based in a growing sense of fear and distrust, holding the former allies to a confrontation that neither could afford but at the same time that neither could escape.

"The Causes of the Cold War - Post-Revisionist." ..

Post revisionist cold war historiography essay

on the third view—post revisionist - could the cold war been ..

The Causes Of The Cold War Post Revisionist Essay

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In conclusion, based on the post-revisionist view with a higher blame on America I have to say that the only origin of the cold war was the goal of the USA to govern the world; an goal that we can see reached in today's world.

There are three different theses about the origins of the Cold War: the Orthodox, the Revisionist and the Post-revisionist.