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GRAPHEME: In a writing system, the smallest written mark or symbol that has meaning, and which cannot be subdivided into smaller markings recognized as symbols in a particular written form of language. For example, in English, the marking for the letter "a" > involves two diagonal lines that slant upward and one horizontal line. If any one of those three lines are removed, the markings are no longer recognizably a letter. Thus, the letter > is a grapheme that cannot be further subdivided into smaller symbols. Linguists indicate graphemes and written words by placing them in chevrons or carroted brackets in order to distinguish the markings from when discussing the sounds of the spoken word. For phonetic transcription, they would place the symbols for the sounds in slashes like /this/. Thus, the markings > and >would indicate the way English speakers write the words "kitten" and "cat," respectively, but linguists would use phonetic transcription / // respectively to indicate the way English speakers pronounce the words aloud. See also and .

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"GREAT WAR": While the Great War is usually used in reference to World War I, in scholarship, the term applies to a long-running argument or philosophical discussion between C.S. Lewis and his friend, Owen Barfield. Barfield described The Great War as "an intense interchange of philosophical opinions" and Lewis called it "an almost incessant disputation, sometimes by letter and sometimes face to face, which lasts for years" (qtd. in Duriez 83). The dialogue between them started around 1922, when Barfield became an anthroposophist, and lasted until about 1931, when Lewis converted to Christianity. The primary focus of the debate was the nature of the imagination and metaphor, and Lewis claimed Barfield cured him of , instilling in him a loathing of modernism (83).

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In fantasy literature, a similar motif frequently appears. In Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydein, for instance, Taran the Assistant-Pigkeeper must leave behind the confines of the farm when events thrust him into the wilds of the forest. As part of his adventures in the forest, he must learn true wisdom and maturity while separated from his normal (stifling) support network on the farm. At the end of his adventures, rather than leaving for the paradise Summer Country, he chooses to return to his original community as a leader to work with the people he once spurned. In the first half of C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, the journey to Narnia is a sort of Green World hidden in a wardrobe. The young children enter this Green World, experience spiritual revelations, and then return (like Eustace) to the real world of London as better people, altered by the experience of being thrust into a beautiful wonderland where magic is real and mundane rules no longer seem to apply. In Tolkien's The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, various hobbits live a peaceful (but dull) bourgeois existence in the Shire, but adventures call them to dangerous journeys in the unfamiliar wilds, and at the end of the tale, they return back to the Shire. Their experiences abroad render them now able to confront new evils that have taken root in their own little world, such as the disgraced Saruman's attempt at seizing power there.

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GHOST STORY: Any liteary or folklore narrative dealing with supernatural beings that return from the dead to haunt the living. Ghost stories appear in the traditions of a wide number of peoples and places including Amerindian and Polynesian tribes, the Middle East and Asia, and Europe. They may date back to prehistoric times and even today remain popular on " reality" television series, in horror films, and in online . Ghost stories are often told with the explicit or implicit goal of evoking fear, , and "goosebumps" in the listener. Many are ghost stories. Anthropologists suggest that, as is true with the current fascination with zombie apocalypse narratives, the fear implicit in a ghost story may originate in the instinctive revulsion and dismay humans (and many other animal species) feel when confronted with a dead body of their own species. Fear of and revulsion toward such dead bodies is a survival trait--obviously something dangerous to one's species--a predator, a poison, or a pathogen--killed the dead body. So, a strong desire to avoid the body and the surrounding area (i.e, a feeling of nausea or terror) would encourage others to keep their distance. The creators of ghost stories rely intentionally or unintentionally on this instinctive reaction toward the dead as one of the emotional engines to shape a reaction in their audience. Contrast with ghost characters, above.

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Several studies have shown that students who have better access with technology have better chances of learning and doing well at school than those without. It cannot be denied that the internet is invaluable when it comes to research and supplemental studies for students of all levels. Gadgets that can connect to the internet make access to educational materials more convenient. With the help of technology students have all the learning resources at the tip of their fingertips. While actual books have their own charm it cannot be argued that internet-ready mobile devices make studying more convenient for students than if they were still to rely on traditional books. Thus a lot.

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