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Write a basic critical analysis of George Orwell’s “Politics And The English Language”. Include a brief summary, at least (2) parenthetical citations and (1) quote. Paper must be (2) typed pages in MLA format.

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'Politics and the English Language' is widely considered Orwell's most important essay on style

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Orwell deals with two related issues in this piece. The first is the decline he sees in the quality of the English language. It is easy to agree with the argument he makes here. The trite metaphors he produces as examples are as common today in 2015 as they were when Orwell penned this article in the 1940’s. These overused metaphors have become a part of the writing vocabulary of a majority of English speakers. This failure of the English language is most prominent in the field of politics. It is very easy to use modern English in a vague way. This can be very useful to politicians. Euphemisms are the order of the day (it is almost impossible not to use the unoriginal phrases Orwell bemoans in this essay). Many examples of this can be found in American politics. Vagueness is especially important in the more controversial issues. Abortion is never referred to by that name. Supporters prefer to be labelled “pro-choice.” Critics are referred to as “pro-life.” Both of these labels are unassailable. Who would not want to be considered pro-choice? To stand against such a label means that the person must prefer a restriction of choice, which means a restriction of freedom which is anathema in democratic society. On the other hand, to stand opposed to the idea of being pro-life means to be de facto pro-death which is an equally unappealing option. Vagueness in speaking and in vocabulary prevents true political discourse. This vagueness pervades all manner of political discussion in the modern United States. It is fruitless to listen to many politicians speak. All use references to concepts such as freedom, democracy, and America. All lack a clearly defined image of what these concepts entail.

"Politics and the English Language" by George Orwell

When there is a gap between one's real and one's declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink."
By this Orwell meant that writers being insincere meant the decline of the language as people (mainly politicians) would attempt try to hide their intentions behind euphemisms and complicated phrasing.
He thought that the decline was was self-perpetuating as it is easier to think with poor English because the language is in decline.

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He explains that there is an obvious relation between language and the global and political influence of the United States, which leads to the increasing population of English speakers all around the world....

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Unlike 1984 and Orwell's other famous novel, Animal Farm, "" does not dabble in symbolism-heavy social commentary. Instead, Orwell used the 5,000-word essay to offer a blunt analysis of what he saw as the inexcusable misuse of the English language by writers and politicians alike in 1946.

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In the first half of the essay, Orwell identifies the many ways imprecise or unnecessary words can limit a piece of writing's effectiveness. But it is in the second half where Orwell's commentary becomes particularly prescient to 2017. There, he grapples with the political consequences of imprecise language wielded by people like Conway, and with the way those in power in the real world ― not a fictional other world ― can warp language for political gain.