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An accessible overview of Western culture’s changing ideas about childhood. Cunningham addresses the orphan in sections that detail the institutional care of orphaned and abandoned children. Within his larger argument that children were valued and loved, he discusses the widespread philanthropic and governmental interest in “saving” the child.

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One major theme that is found in both Lord of the Flies and Peter Pan is the innocence of childhood

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We cannot think about Peter Pan—its endless rewritings, confusion of address, and the adoration which it has received as if it were itself a child—without thinking about this problem of address. It has emerged constantly in the history of Peter Pan only to be ignored, forgotten, or repressed. (22)

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For instance, positing children as a pure point of origin allows adults to indulge in the fantasy that we can create a simplified form of language that transparently reflects reality; or gain access to a primitive past; or experience selfhood and sexual identity as completely stable and secure. In raising these issues, Rose addresses some of the most complex topics of theory, psychology, and linguistics. In order to ground her argument, she uses J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan as a case study.

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of the Flies and Peter Pan is the innocence of childhood.

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As such readings have commonly been applied to Peter Pan both as a fictional child and as a text, Rose returns to Barrie’s work to exemplify her point. Citing the various moments in which Barrie’s play and novels unsuccessfully try to avoid or obfuscate issues of origins and sexuality, Rose reiterates her claim that the cultural phenomenon of Peter Pan—the innocent idea of Peter as portrayed in the plays, movies, and other cultural productions—repeatedly wins out over the realities of the written text.

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