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1) Gun control facts reveal that the US population is only 5 percent of the population of the world. But the number of guns in possession of the US residents is 50 percent of the number of guns in the world. (the gun ownership figures are only for privately owned guns and do not include the guns owned by the police, armed forces etc.) This data is so strong as to tilt the balance of gun control pros and cons towards the side of pros.

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Considering the above, it appears that among the gun control pros and cons, the pros are stronger

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2) Gun death statistics for different countries were expressed as the number of s to a population of a million and these figures compared for different countries. This comparison showed the United States getting ranked below South Africa. This information also suggests that gun control pros and cons are overwhelmingly in favor of gun control.

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Gun control pros and cons have been discussed innumerable times. They have been thoroughly analyzed in gun control debates. But since both the advocates and opponents of gun control stick to their positions, the issue remains unresolved. I am listing below a few important gun control pros and cons and evaluating them.

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It may not be possible to put an end to the horror of gun death just as it is not possible to eradicate any type of crime completely. But we can definitely do something about arresting the occurrence of gun deaths. Gun death is a consequence of gun ownership and hence any attempt to arrest the former has to involve controlling the latter. Gun crime statistics have been repeatedly showing that unrestrained gun ownership invariably leads to an increase in gun crime. But in spite of heaps and heaps of evidence unearthed by gun death statistics, a solution to the problem of gun death still remains elusive.

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2) Since gun ownership was a right sanctioned by the 2nd amendment, this right should not be restricted. This argument does not take into account the background of the people involved in creating this law. 99 percent of this amendment was based on the information provided by people with no college education, not to speak of legal education. Therefore, it is not reasonable to assert that the right given by this law cannot be made subject to some restrictions. In fact, any provision under any law can be modified, restricted or even removed by a subsequent law.

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In this essay I am going to discuss three reasons I am against gun control: one being it is our constitutional right to bear arms, two every citizen should have the right to protect themselves, their family, and their property, a...

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No Fear Shakespeare. The case for organ donation; The need for recycling; Why the death penalty should be abolished; The need for gun control; The dangers of. Free ideas and information with . Feb 20, 2014 · Gun control essay 1. As it is one of our top pages we wanted to give even more persuasive speech topic ideas. Abortion Adoption Affirmative Action persuasive speech gun control Laws Aids choices for Life Air Bags Aliens and UFO's: Yes or no. Pope center persuasive speech gun control for wald reviewed this motive is hotly

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People who are opposed to gun control just ignore gun death as a problem. For them, owning guns is a right conferred on them by the 2nd amendment. The fact that about 99 percent of the 2nd amendment resulted from the inputs given by people with no legal background is of no concern to these people. These people also use the concept of democracy to oppose any kind of control. They need to understand that democracy can be preserved only by preventing tyranny and that the tyranny of gun death can pose a severe threat to democracy.