Private-party sales are the second method.

If a buyer wishes to purchase a gun from a federally
licensed retailer, he or she is required to complete several processes that record the sale of the gun.

They are not illegal, but they are a major problem.

If someone wishes to buy a gun in the United States, he or she will do so in one of two ways.

First, proper identification must be presented to the dealer.

(2011) have noted, “If you buy more than one handgun from [a] retailer within 5 business days, the retailer must report the details of your purchase to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).”Large or unusual gun purchases, such as multiple purchases in a short period of time, will be flagged; this may result in a brief investigation to ensure that illegal activities are not being planned or taking place.

Thorough background checks are the best solution.

No one would ever notice if an individual was building an arsenal of guns or planning to commit a crime, therefore sales through a licensed dealer serve as a safety measure that private sales avoid.

Private party gun sales do not require background checks, which allow anyone, regardless of his or her past, to purchase a gun.

Researcher Fareed (2012) stated, “There are 88.8 firearms per 100 people in the U.S.

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In second place is Yemen, with 54.8, then Switzerland with 45.7 and Finland with 45.3.

The remaining 40% were private party sales.

This system of documentation and screenings would not interfere with a gun purchase by a law-abiding citizen, but would serve as a safety measure to prevent criminals from acquiring guns.

A meeting can be set up, and no one other than the buyer and seller has to know.

Surely we can do something to prevent these tragedies.

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However, this right is being abused by criminals and something must be done to stop them.

Private party gun sales, regulation, and safety.

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