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I would like to close my argument by stating that I think cell phones should be allowed in school.

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Earlier this year, Westborough High School started to allow students to have access to their cell phones during break and lunch. Now people wonder why they still can’t use cell phones in class. Smartphones can be used for more than social media, they can be used as an academic tool. However, any type of cell phone can be considered a distraction in class, too. These positives and negatives of cell phones in school should be considered in determining whether or not cell phones should be able to access in class.

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In general, the overall percentage of students in school chose a side in this topic. It is unclear whether the students know about all of the positives and negatives about the issue , however both sides are important. Cell phones are amazing resources, however can easily be a major distraction, and, cell phones might cause distraction, but are amazing tools, are two arguments that should be considered when addressing the topic of whether or not students should be allowed to use cell phones during classes in the Westborough High School. 74% of students prefer to have cellphones in school and 26% of students say cell phones should not be allowed in schools. Whether the statistics are increasing or decreasing, the choice is up to you.

you tube video- why should cell phones be allowed at school?So overall, I think that cell phones should be allowed at school.
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