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Linking beginning and end, the knife's cut to the gash of the lance, we trace a passage on the body of Christ from man to God; the sexual member broaching the mortal Passion, the breast yielding the gift of grace.

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The Passion of Christ has featured in Christian liturgy since the 4th century.

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The Passion story has often been used to justify Christian anti-Semitism with cruel, tragic and shaming results. Mary Gordon points out that the Passion is...

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Professor Terry Eagleton, cultural theorist, literary critic and Catholic, talks about suffering in the light of the Passion story. He argues that an emphasis on self-denial misses the point of Christianity.

Both Milton and Crashaw throw the trajectory of Christ's Passion from Circumcision to Crucifixion, from the knifed member to the speared heart.

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Passion plays often give a detailed portrayal of Christ's physical suffering and many of them include explicit dramatisations of the beating and execution of Christ.

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The coupling of Christ's last and first woundsa verbal figure to bridge a lifespan of three decades-becomes topical in 15thand 16th-century Passion pictures that guide the trickle of gore from the breast back to the groin: a blood hyphen be XXVI tween commencement and consummation (Figs.

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Many of the details in accounts of the Passion derive from other texts, such as the 14th century German text Christi Leiden in Einer Vision Geschaut which covers the event in horrific detail. Such treatments of the Passion were common in mediaeval texts.

Christ's submission to circumcision was understood as a voluntary gift of his blood, prefiguring and initiating the sacrifice of the Passion.

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The end of Lent is fast approaching. If we have fallen short of our goals, it is not a reason to be discouraged. We must, instead, re-dedicate ourselves to self-betterment and seeking spiritual cleanliness. Even those who show up during the 11th hour to toil are remembered as those who showed up during the first. There is no difference as long as you make an honest, heart-felt effort. We must now prepare ourselves to go through the upcoming Passion Week as our Lord did. We must prepare to sacrifice all that we have in order to gain even more than we can imagine. We must become the one who is being beaten, whipped, mocked and jeered. Only by going through such tribulations can we fully put on Christ.

Spiritually, the Passion is the perfect example of suffering, which is one of the pervasive themes of the Christian religion.

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In some of the late medieval treatises on the Passion, this description is elaborated with the additional detail that Christ's hands were tied so tightly that blood burst from his fingernails.

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There were at least two reasons for this: since all Passion plays emphasise the humanity of Christ and identify this with his physical experiences, a realistic Crucifixion brought the point home to the audience. Secondly, making the action as realistic as possible demonstrated to the audience that the death of Christ was a real historical event.