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Relationship jealousy
Relationship jealousy
Othello's jealousy becomes more obvious as Iago provides more evidence of an affair between Cassio and Desdemona.

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Also, it is Iago's jealousy of Othello that drives him to destroy both Othello and Desdemona.

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Iago does not appear to be affected by jealousy to the other characters, as he maintains a consistent demeanour in the play, however it impacts on his motives and interactions.

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Iago's function, which invariably adds to the importance he has on the play, is to lead to the downfall of Othello therefore revealing the themes of hate, jealousy and revenge....

Desdemona is the object of Othello's jealousy, which is planted in his mind by Iago's deception.

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Situational jealousy/ workplace jealousy
Iago wants to seek revenge on Cassio because he is jealous of him, and on Othello because Othello overlooked Iago.

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Jealousy in 'Othello'
By Denelle Burgess
Development of Jealousy
The first fruits of jealousy are introduced when Iago learns that Cassio has been appointed lieutenant instead of himself.

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A rather obvious theme in the Shakespeare's tragedy, "Othello", is that of the many facets of jealousy, which instigate the evil-doings of protagonist, Iago....

Iago is jealous of Othello, Desdemona, Cassio and even his own wife, Emilia.

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Although there are many examples of these opinions within the play, I believe there is much more evidence which contradict these two statements, which allow me to conclude that Othello is in fact a jealous man and that Iago does have motives.

IagoJealousy causes Iago to seek revenge on other characters and destroy their lives.

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And although human sinfulness is such that, jealousy ceaselessly touches on other forms of depravity, the center of the interest always returns in Othello to the destruction of the love through jealousy, so for that reason in this essay I'm going to talk about the jealousy in which almost everybody in this play is going through.

Jealousy impacts on Iago's relationships with Othello, Roderigo and Cassio.

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Iago's jealousy develops as he begins to believe that Othello has slept with his wife.

Iago uses jealousy as his form of revenge
"But partly led to diet my revenge, for that I do suspect the lusty Moor hath leaped into my seat"
(Iago, 2.1.275-7)
Iago manipulates Othello so that he thinks Cassio and Desdemona are having an affair.