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Modern password crackers from their dictionaries:

That's a list of 88698 words. As I understand it, a dictionary containing every possible combination would contain 88698 ^ 88698 ^ 88698 ^ 88698 ^ 88698 lines.

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Thus by accident your sentance became of the format,

On the opposite the Schneier style seems more prone to specific analysis (how many personal sentence there are? thousands? millions? can you create a table of those? Will most people think of the same few or will they be more original?).

Password advice is always difficult to get right ;-)

I fear the Schneier scheme may suffer similar fate, it depends on humans ability to pick obscure, and obscure it further, and we are really bad at that sort of thing. Now machine generated randomness, whilst not perfect, is better understood than people.

Thus by accident your sentance became of the format,

Assuming the hacker knows you take 5 words out of a very limited list of 7000 words, wouldn't that give you 65 bits entropy, which would be as good as a 12 truly random alphanumeric password. Just from intuition, this sounds better than any of those passwords suggested in this post (which can be computed from applying some transformation on a bunch of words that form a gramatically correct sentence).

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@wilson et al. Here is the spreadsheet. By all means, improve on it.

Especialy when there is much foolish insistance --often with harsh penalties if not followed-- on an individual "memorising it" and changing it frequently.

The efficiency of password cracking   two largely independent things: power and efficiency.

You are not that good, so it's better (maybe 100/303600)

The best way to explain how to choose a good password is to explain how they're broken. The general attack model is what's known as an offline password-guessing attack. In this scenario, the attacker gets a file of encrypted passwords from somewhere people want to authenticate to. His goal is to turn that encrypted file into unencrypted passwords he can use to authenticate himself. He does this by guessing passwords, and then seeing if they're correct. He can try guesses as fast as his computer will process them -- and he can parallelize the attack -- and gets immediate confirmation if he guesses correctly. Yes, there are ways to foil this attack, and that's why we can still have four-digit PINs on ATM cards, but it's the correct model for breaking passwords.

There's still one scheme that works. Back in 2008, I  the "Schneier scheme":

It's better than what people are doing now, but we're still human...

I'm still unable to understand how efficiency can get around entropy: if there are 2^44 (or so, mi guess is 2^39) different XKCD style password and you truly chose a random one, there will be noting but power (or sheer luck) that can help to crack that, even for an attacker that know exactly how you generated the password (plus, you can use uncommon words, adding lot of bits of entropy).