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Miller in Schenectady on "big business."

With this in mind, Winterbourne's permanent vacation in Geneva takes on a whole new dimension of significance.

Daisy Miller essaysHenry James was born in New York in 1843

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Daisy Miller was an attractive personality for Bogdanovich -- "a symbol of the vitality and life [characteristic of] the New World" (Harris 1990: 165), who wanted to remain independent by refusing to conform to the expectations of the Euro-American "old world." The finished film demonstrates how difficult it is for her to find opportunities for self-expression.

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Daisy Miller, in her complexity of innocence and brashness is significant to me, personally, because she is a believable character." There was a time in my life that I was a young girl, wanting to be live more freely but at the same time, bound by limitations and the desire to remain innocent." Just like Winterbourne, many young men are attracted to a young lady when they think she is a little wild and mysterious; however, they want the girl to be an innocent when there is the possibility of a pro-longed relationship." I, like Daisy, experimented with creating a balance between this two aspects and found amusement in the process.

(ed.), *New Essays on Daisy Miller and The Turn of the Screw*, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 65-89.

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as though it were a thriller" (Horne 1998: 17), while in the most recent essay on the subject, David Cross congratulates Bogdanovich on "his attempt to 'imply certain things that [James] leaves unimplied' " (Cross 2000: 139).In this essay, I want to consider Bogdanovich's *Daisy Miller* in relation to the principal debates over the representation of gender in the cinema, which emerged at the time of the film's release, and which retain their importance today.

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Winterbourne is the protagonist and 'filters' through his impressions of the heroine Daisy Miller so that we never see Daisy except through the qualifying prose of Winterbourne himself.

Collection of James's tales (including Daisy Miller); selections on the writer's craft by Henry James; and essays.

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At first glimpse, Daisy is portrayed as a "pretty American flirt" whose innocence Winterbourne is unsure of, and yet he says he was "almost grateful for having found the formula that applied to Miss Daisy Miller" (James 1563)." Like many people do in first impressions, Winterbourne feels the need to label Daisy right away." In the beginning, the stereotype seems to fit." Daisy is young, unsophisticated, chatty, and brags about all the society, especially gentlemen"s society she had in New York (1562)." She enjoys teasing and getting reactions out of people just for the sake of it." For example, the second time she and Winterbourne meet, late one evening in the garden, she asks him if he wants to take her out in a boat on the lake." Of course, her mother and the courier protest while Daisy laughs and declares, "That"s all I want " a little fuss!"She had no intention of going; she just wanted to get a rise out of someone." Bidding good-night to Winterbourne, she says, "I hope you"re disappointed, disgusted, or something!" (1572)." She is being flirtatious, but this kind of teasing is also just part of her sense of humor.

Public Lists that Include "New essays on Daisy Miller and the turn of the screw"

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It was not until the late 1970s that a fully-fledged feminist analysis of James emerged, with the publication of Judith Fetterley's "The Bostonians: Henry James's Eternal Triangle" (Fetterley 1978: 101-54).Since *Daisy Miller* opened in 1974 there have been considerable shifts of opinion, both in the way women are perceived on the screen, and how it might affect one's reading of the film.

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Winterbourne's misconstructed gender identity, defined by its paralyzing consciousness, detached objectification of Daisy, hypocrisy and barely concealed perversity, is by all means intended to ape what James saw as the most vexing traits of the leisure class that he presents to us in"Daisy Miller."

In Weisbuch's view, is intended to document the growing anxiety of an insecure aristocracy.