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the Journal of the Jane Austen Society of North America, published its first full-text online edition in 1999. Indexed here through Vol. 26 (2005); more recent articles are available at the JASNA web site.

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Gross, Gloria.  About author Samuel Johnson's influence on Jane Austen.  11 (1989).

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Butler, Marilyn; and Irvin Ehrenpreis.  A brief, sharp exchange on whether Jane Austen wrote politically conservative novels.  5 April, 1979.

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The value of the new Penguin text is that a text is provided which has not been available before (and at a much much cheaper price than the Cambridge). The interested reader could compare this 2008 reissue of the Oxford with the new Penguin. Beyond that the Penguin people decided to reprint Tony Tanner’s profound essay on Mansfield Park, an early persuasive explication and defense of the book along Lionel Trilling lines, with the difference that Tanner did not think we need dislike Fanny; indeed like Stabler, Tanner expects us to empathize with her. The new Penguin edition decision to print along the runners at the top of the page both the original volume and chapter number as well as the chapters when they are consecutively numbered is also very useful. Perhaps this is the most useful innovation the new Penguins offer.

Biography, Jane Austen's homes, locations, and discussion of the film versions of her novels. Web site by the Hampshire County Council.

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Each body paragraph isthe substantial length of about 300 words and is well focused on the developmentof one main idea.Just click the numbered links to read comments concerning some of the reasons why the essay is so good.

The End of an Illusion
In the short story "Miss Brill," penned by Katherine Mansfield in 1922, a Sunday afternoon is spent with an elderly woman during her weekly ritual of visiting a seaside park.

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I have gone into the merits of Sutherland’s case before, and shown that what we have here is an agenda fight (what image of Austen does an editor want a reader to come away with) as well as a competitive business in editions. This Oxford reissue is really a reprint of the 1816 text first established by James Kinsley in 1970: he reprinted Chapman as revised by Mary Lascelles after studying the previous collations and emendations. It seems that the Penguin people are in competition with Cambridge, for the quarrel in print has been between Sutherland on behalf of the new Penguins and Janet Todd on behalf of the new Cambridge edition of Austen.