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This story of the young "star-crossed" lovers is an extraordinary work in which Shakespeare uses a variety of verbal imagery including; contrasts between sex and love with hate, conflict, and death, comparisons between romantic and unromantic views of love, the correlative use of light and dark polarity, and the correlation of fate and fortune....

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Shakespeare has also included devices to dramatise the themes of love and hate throughout the play.

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Shakespeare offers his audiences just as much hate as love in Romeo and Juliet.

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People have often associated two very common words with this feeling. They consider hate to not only be easy to give in to they also consider it a rather comfortable feeling. If one allows themselves to hate a certain thing or a person, they will how simple it is to do so. The tendency of a man to look at things negatively and then turn them into an energy that drags them down is relatively very easy. People are often very comfortable staying within the boundaries or the circle they make for themselves. This often makes it almost impossible for them to take chances and given people the kind of leniency they deserve. When that happens and a person or an individual fails to live up to the surrealistic expectations someone else has for them, they are bound to give in to the notion that either the person hates them or they hate that individual. This is why hate is considered an easy emotion, it makes one comfortable as it prevents them from giving in too much of themselves and in a way cushions them from getting hurt. It can be said that it is a rather painful and almost sad way in which people curtain themselves from their own emotions. It is very easy for people to feel threatened by love and thus run away from it. Hate seems easy, hate appears as less demanding and above all, hate is something that prevents them from getting their heart broken in the future.

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Love on the other hand is challenging and demands something of them. It requires them to invest in emotionally, psychologically and physically. And unlike hate, they have everything to lose when it comes to love. This is why people often are threatened by it. They are afraid to feel too much. It goes against the things they teach themselves to feel and is almost an act of plummeting to one’s own possible loss and heartache.

Love and hate are twin sons of different mothers, separated at birth....

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A third kind of view of love understands love to be a distinctive modeof valuing a person. As the distinction between eros andagape in indicates, there are at least two ways to construe this in terms ofwhether the lover values the beloved because she is valuable, orwhether the beloved comes to be valuable to the lover as a result ofher loving him. The former view, which understands the lover asappraising the value of the beloved in loving him, is thetopic of , whereas the latter view, which understands her as bestowingvalue on him, will be discussed in .

I am going to look at the different types of love and hate which some characters show towards other characters.

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Wherever Peter was—and let's say for the sake of argument that he was—the dog was barking, and his sense of humor was intact, as was his self-regard, and I was still trying to get his attention. The picture of life, or death, or whatever state it might be that Lisa was depicting, felt incredibly familiar. It was funny. It was almost earthy, not profound, not woo-woo. I could not shake the notion that after we hung up, he was off to a gathering with his friends Eric and Sarah, and Lem and Clay, his dad and mom. Abraham Lincoln? George and Ira Gershwin? Ava Gardner? Peter loved history, and he loved meeting famous people, and it occurred to me that the ranks of the dead could make up the best cocktail party ever. In the immediate aftermath of the call, I was filled with euphoria and flooded with an intense wave of love for him.

The exhibition Life, Death, Love, Hate, Pleasure, Pain was presented at the MCA November 16, 2002-April 20, 2003.

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Love and hate are two of the common most concepts and feelings that exist in the world today. Over the years, after assessing the ways in which people respond to and accept these two emotions it has been declared that the two are divided by just a fine, almost invisible line. Following is a brief insight: