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The modern computer is capable of answering, in a matter of seconds,mathematical questions that would take millions of years for a human being toanswer (even longer if he stopped for lunch). How does the computer do this?Simple. It makes everything up. It knows full well you're not going to wastemillions of years checking up on it. So you should never use computers foranything really important, such as balancing your personal checkbook. Butthey're fine for corporate use.

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To cite a long quote in APA formatting, you'll have to place the quote in a free-standing block.

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Arthur Schopenhauer 1788-1860, German post-Kantian philosopher, who considered true philosophy as art, and accessible to only a few capable minds, in "Quotations on the wisdom of life", Chapter IV, Section 1, (1886)

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A serious public debate about the validity of astrology? Aserious believer in the White House? Two of them? Give me a break. What stifledmy laughter is that the image fits. Reagan has always exhibited a feyindifference toward science. Facts, like numbers, roll off his back. And we'veall come to accept it. This time it was stargazing that became a serious issue. . ..Not that long ago, it was Reagan's support of Creationism . ...Creationists actually got equal time with evolutionists. The public wassupposed to be open-minded to the claims of paleontologists andfundamentalists, as if the two were scientific colleagues . . ..It has beenclear for a long time that the president is averse to science . . .In general,these attitudes fall onto friendly American turf . . ..But at the outer edges,this skepticism about science easily turns into a kind of naive acceptance ofnonscience, or even nonsense. The same people who doubt experts can also believeany quackery, from the benefits of laetrile to eye of newt to the movment ofplanets. We lose the capacity to make rational – scientific -- judgments. It'sall the same.

-- Freud,Letter to Marie Bonaparte, in Ernest Jones's [1955] v.2, pt.3, ch.16;, quotedin the electronic Oxford Dict. of Quotations [1991]
"You have sat too long for any good you have been doing. How to Start an long quotations in an essay Essay With a Quote

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Long quotations in research papers. Happiest moment of my day: seeing a student use the word 'downtrodden' in his essay. i have hope again, haha.

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