Less pollution is the best solution essay

This essay address the task completely. Both causes and solutions are given and developed with relevant ideas. Linking is used not only effectively but also flexibly. Paragraphing is also used effectively to help the reader. There is a range of sentence structures and also tenses used. Vocabulary is also flexible with a good range of less common words. Essay Length: 290 words

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It is not a good idea to do this. This system repeats the instructions given to you by IELTs. This method of introducing your plans for the essay is used in academic writing to help the reader know what you plan to do. In IELTS, the examiner knows what you plan to do, in fact the examiner knows what you MUST do. This is not just an academic essay, it is an IELTS academic essay with particular requirements and expectations. See my advanced lessons to learn how this should be done: . Another issue for IELTS is that this is a language test, which means you are being marked on your ability to use your own English through paraphrasing and presenting your ideas. Learning a phrase to use (as you have stated above) will lower your mark because it is a learned phrase. The examiner will just put a line through it and discount it. So, don’t waste your words on useless language.
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Less pollution is the best solution

Summarise the solutions in the conclusion “In conclusion, while pollution has a number of causes, it is best solved by individual awareness and recycling.” Here I mention there are causes but I don’t state them, I only state the solutions.

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Good day, I have noticed that there is no opinion in this model essay Crime and punishment ( cause and solution) writing task 2. Do I need to write a thesis statment or not? Can you please give me some ideas on how to make a best introduction and conclusion for this type of essay. Sorry, I am just nervous, I’ll be taking the exam this coming last week of October, and I really need to have high band score, and I want to learn all these things, just in case I will encounter this question on my exam.

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