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A CIA analyst and operative, who turned into a spy for the Soviets, Aldrich Ames committed espionage against the US, supplying valuable information and assets to KGB. By the time of his arrest in 1994, Ames had leaked more CIA assets than anybody else in history, before the arrest of Robert Hanssen a few years later. Ames compromised the second largest number of assets. He is currently serving a life sentence sans any possibility of parole in the Federal Correctional Institution, Terre Haute, Indiana.

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Choose a character and discuss his/her self-discovery(such as recognizing his/her flaw) and how it affects him/her and othercharacters/events in the play. What is Shakespeare's larger message?

Julius Caesar E-Text contains the full text of Julius Caesar

A former FBI agent, Robert Hanssen is often universally recognised as one of the biggest traitors in history. In 1979, Hansen voluntarily approached and offered his services as a spy to Glavnoye Razvedyvatel’noye Upravleniye (GRU), Russia’s largest foreign intelligence agency. He sold the largest known bulk of CIA assets and information in exchange of more than $1.4 million and diamonds. Hanssen, after his arrest, indicated no ideological or political motive for his espionage and claimed that he did so only for profit. His action is usually dubbed as the worst Intelligence disaster in US history. He is currently incarcerated in the Administrative Maximum Facility, Florence.

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Famous Quotes from the play, Julius ..

Meanwhile, Brutus and Cassius have fled and chaos has ensued. Even politically unimportant folks like poets are being killed on the street. Antony has met up with Lepidus and Caesar's adopted son, Octavius. Together they'll form the new triumvirate to lead Rome and battle against Cassius and Brutus.

Julius Caesar | The West’s Darkest Hour

Sacrificing Personal Morals for the "Greater Good." Brutus is well-known for being a moral and honest guy, yet he decides to commit murder and sacrifice his morals in hopes of ensuring a better future for Rome.

Discuss thepower of deception/manipulation in the play. What is Shakespeare's largermessage?

Julius Caesar - Analysis of Brutus - FIELD OF THEMES

On the battlefield the two enemy factions exchange some rough words, and Brutus claims he's not a traitor. Fighting ensues, and Cassius and Brutus set up on different parts of the field. Brutus is having some success in overtaking Octavius' army, but Cassius' guys are held fast by Antony's, so they're at a stalemate.

Is  the only “pure”character in the play? Why/why not? What is Shakespeare's larger message?

Julius Caesar Study Guide | GradeSaver

Meanwhile, Cassius and Brutus get into a big argument at their first meeting after the funeral. Cassius has been accepting bribes on the side, which compromises their credibility. (Remember, the only reason Brutus agreed to join the conspiracy was that he believed killing Caesar was for the greater good, not for any self-serving reason. At least, that's what Brutus says.) Still, they agree to march and meet the enemy (Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus) at Philippi, despite a visit from Caesar's ghost to Brutus to say he'll be at Philippi too. It's going to be like a family reunion, except this one will mostly end in death. Everyone has steeled himself for this possibility, and Cassius and Brutus implicitly agree (kill themselves) in case anything goes wrong in the battle.

How does the play define honor and/or nobility? What isShakespeare's larger message?

Analysis of the Funeral Speeches of Brutus and Marc …

We're sure you can find other intense issues from the play that are highly relevant to our modern world. Chew on these questions for us, and fill in the blanks about how each of these points resonates with your personal life, your experience at school, or even in the country or world as a whole. It seems like the real question is: how can you not care about Julius Caesar?