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We know this was one of Joyce's father's favorite expressions [source?]
A long narrow mirror, usually fixed to the wall between two windows.

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Here Joyce may be referring to hissister Poppie, who took care of their mother in her final illness, as wellas to his mother, who had taken care of her husband's mother.

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Consequently, "The Dead" is the only story in thecollection that contains any complimentary pictures of Dublin; thisaccounts for the numerous Joyce family associations that are being madewith the characters in the story.

Browne gets his name from an actualprotestant professor of music named Mervyn Archdall Browne; he was marriedto a first cousin of Joyce's mother.

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Among its many associations are those with Kate, the barmaid, and thesound of a branch hitting the bedroom windowpane signaling the comingmorning and the conclusion of the novel.)
Joyce will use this cluster again years later in Finnegans Wake, whichconcludes with the words "A way a lone a last a loved a long the." Inorder to complete the sentence -- and the circle that is that novel -- onemust return to the first word of the novel: "riverrun."
Dublin's Phoenix Park (opened in 1747) is the largest city park in theworld, comprising more than 1700 acres; parts of it have more in commonwith an untouched woodland or forest than a city park, and visitors aresurprised to see herds of deer roaming as though in the wild.

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At the time of the writing of "The Dead," Joyce and Nora were down and outin Rome, and Gabriel's speech might well reflect Joyce's own homesicknessfor Irish hospitality, as well as sad memories about his family and thedeath of his mother.

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Although this is the appropriate name for the narrow part of the window recess on the side, Joyce uses it here to draw our attention Gabriel's discomfortwith the people around him.

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Perhaps if Joyce decided to end the story after Gabriel’s speech or the setting up of the dinner party, we would still be left with a very pleasant short story.

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In an earlier version, Joyce had written "Galway." The change might be especially significant because of the Galway image in the hotel room scene between Gabriel andGretta later, an image that might be less striking if preceded by an inconsequential use here.

James Joyce utilizes his main characters and objects in The Dead to impress upon his readers his view of Dublin’s crippled condition.

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After painting this grim picture of Dublin, James Joyce uses it to express his frustration and to explain his realistic view that the only solution to the issues with Dublin depends on a move to the W...