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The irony of multiculturalism is that, as a political process, it undermines what is valuable about cultural diversity. Diversity is important, not in and of itself, but because it allows us to expand our horizons, to compare and contrast different values, beliefs and lifestyles, and make judgements upon them. In other words, because it allows us to engage in political dialogue and debate that can help create more universal values and beliefs, and a collective language of citizenship. But it is precisely such dialogue and debate, and the making of such judgements, that contemporary multiculturalism attempts to suppress in the name of 'tolerance' and 'respect'.

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People who follow the path of sanyasa or renunciation are expected to lead very austere and ascetic lives, setting aside all desires and comforts and acknowledging no relationship whatsoever, including the relationship with God and oneself. One has to forgo all acts of self-preservation and self-advancement and the need to further one's ego and identity.

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Some sects of Hinduism encourage their initiates to develop equanimity and selflessness through extreme measures such as engaging in unusual acts of self-abasement to attract public ridicule and criticism or willfully subjecting themselves to self-torture pain and suffering to cultivate equanimity and indifference. It is to keep the ego under check and avoid self-importance. They also practice extreme fasting, self-mortification, staying too close to fire, sleeping upon a bed of thorns, living amidst dangerous animals, and practicing painful asanas such as standing on one leg or keeping one hand immobile. Some also spend their nights in graveyards, desolate places, or abandoned houses to overcome fear of death or hungry ghosts. The ultimate purpose of these methods is to overcome attraction and aversion and stabilize the mind in the contemplation of the Self or God. They are considered extreme and avoided by many.

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Not only is the demand for the 'recognition' the product of political pessimism, it has also become a potential means of implementing deeply authoritarian policies. Consider, for instance, Tariq Modood's distinction between what he calls the 'equality of individualism' and the 'equality encompassing public ethnicity: equality as not having to hide or apologise for one's origins, family or community, but requiring others to show respect for them, and adapt public attitudes and arrangements so that the heritage they represent is encouraged rather than contemptuously expect them to wither away.'

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The only love that is sanctioned by the Party is the love between its members and Big Brother. In the absence of any normal love among individuals, the Party hopes to develop an unconditional love for itself and, more specifically, its leader within each one of its members. George Orwell's entire novel is, in a sense, Winston's journey on the way to loving Big Brother. Everything that happens leads up to the final line: "He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother" (245). The control of the Party is so strong that there was never any real alternative to Winston eventually loving Big Brother. Throughout his seven year cultivation as an enemy and then his long tortures in the Ministry of Love, Winston was slowly moving towards this final love of Big Brother. The Party knows that the only way Winston could love Big Brother unconditionally is if every other sort of natural love is destroyed. The Party dooms Winston's marriage to fail and then destroys his love relationship with Julia allowing only a twisted love for his torturer O'Brien to remain. At the conclusion of his long struggle in 1984, nothing is left within Winston except for love for Big Brother. Every form of natural love within Winston is removed successfully by the Party and replaced with a desperate love for his torturer and Big Brother.

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These past five years have been increasingly challenging forall of us. I have witnessed a number of crises in my life in several countriesand what caught my attention is the effect of those crises on people and theresulting changes in their lives and their relationships. We assume thatdecades of budo study and practice would bring us peace of mind and composure,but it’s rarely the case, especially for those of us who have been solely concentratingon the technical part and have been neglecting training our minds. We easilylose our vision and make irreversible decisions that will make it impossiblefor that vision to reappear in the future.