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Tertiary Structure: The tertiary structure of a protein is its three-dimensional conformation which occurs as a result of the protein folding. This folding is stabilised by hydrogen bonds, hydrophobic interactions, ionic bonds and disulphide bridges. These intramolecular bonds form between the R groups of different amino acids.

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The District will not, however, remove otherwise permissible comments based on viewpoint.

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AISHK offers a varied range of IBDP subjects from which students can tailor study programs that best suit their immediate needs, personal interests and future goals. The current IB course offerings for students at AISHK are listed below.

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To be awarded the IB diploma, students must satisfy the course requirements in one course from each of the six groups listed. In general, IB courses are completed over two years, with the exception of some one-year ‘anticipated’ courses. At least three and not more than four courses are taken at higher level (HL - 240 hours over two years), the others at standard level (SL - 150 hours over two years). IB examinations at AISHK are held yearly throughout the month of November.

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The IB program was initially born of efforts to establish a common curriculum and university entry credential for students moving from one country to another. Whilst these factors remain relevant to the internationally-mobile student, the program has, over time, evolved into one which emphasises critical thinking, intercultural understanding and exposure to a variety of points of view.

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Additionally, students must complete a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) component which is designed to foster critical reflection on students’ own knowledge and experience; a program of Creativity, Action and Service (CAS); and an extended essay of 4,000 words on a topic of personal interest.

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The IBDP is an academically challenging program designed for highly motivated secondary school students aged 16 to 19. The program has earned a reputation for rigorous assessment, giving IB diploma holders access to the world’s leading universities. Students undertaking the program must demonstrate self-discipline and responsibility in pursuit of the IB diploma.