When is it Appropriate to use Long Quotations in Your Essay?

When is it Appropriate to use Long Quotations in Your Essay?: It is your judgment call. Let me explain. Long quotations must be used sparingly as they tend to weigh down the reader. However, there are times when your essay has more impact with a longer quotation. If you have decided to use a long quotation, consider , as it usually works better. But, there is a flip side to paraphrasing too.

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How to put long quotations in an essay

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It is usually better to have short and crisp quotations in your essay. However, if you are convinced that a particular long quotation is more effective, make sure that you follow the necessary rules.

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If you use a single line extract of a poem, punctuate it like any other short quotation without the slashes. Quotation marks are required at the beginning and at the end of the extract. However, if your quotation is more than three lines of poetry, I would suggest that you treat it like you would have treated a long quotation from prose. In this case, you should use the format.

Learn how to use direct quotations properly in the MLA format, including how to punctuate them and what to do with longer quotes.

When a quote becomes four or more lines in length in your essay, ..

Do you use quotations in your essays? Surely you follow the expected standards. But, that may not be enough. Having followed all the standards and punctuation, you must ask the critical question: "Do readers understand the quotation and its relevance to my ?"

While quotations are an indispensable part of Wikipedia, try not to overuse them. Long quotations crowd the actual article and remove attention from other information.

suppose you were writing an essay about the ..

When you paraphrase, you express someone else's writing in your own words, without using quotation marks, usually to achieve greater clarity. This is an alternative way of referring to an author's ideas or arguments without using direct quotations from their text. Used properly, it has the added benefit of fitting more neatly into your own style of writing and allows you to demonstrate that you really do understand what the author is saying. However, you must ensure that you do not change the original meaning and you must still cite and reference your source of information, including page numbers:

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Long quotations should be kept to a minimum in your essay

There is some benevolence, however small, infused into our bosom; some spark of friendship for human kind; some particle of the dove kneaded into our frame, along with the elements of the wolf and the serpent.

Additionally, you should only use those parts of the long quotation that you really need

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Should the quotation speak for the essay or should the essay speak for the quotation? Quotations should add impact to the essay and not steal the show. If your quotation has more punch than your essay, then something is seriously wrong. Your essay should be able to stand on its own legs; the quotation should merely make this stand stronger.