11th Annual Contest Closed for 2016.

Professionals, freelancers, and aspiring travel writers are invited to submit an article that describes how traveling in a slower manner and attempting to adapt to the space and time of locals, their culture, and land has deepened your experience of both the people and the destination. One of the results of a slower form of immersion travel is the experience of epiphanies through the senses and spirit that change one's perceptions of others, of oneself, of the interrelationship, and of the world as a whole. We urge you to translate one or more such transformative moments into a narrative.

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We are always adding new performances to this list, so please check back soon for updates!

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Please include an optional bio of 1-3 sentences that reference your websites, blogs, books, and contact information in the body of the submission. We can include 1 link in the final winning version. A headshot is optional.

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Accompanying photos that enhance the narrative are highly preferred, as strong visuals often adds a substantial component to a travel narrative on the Web. Photojournalistic essays or accompanying videos will also be considered, and gentle (self)irony or humor is always appreciated.

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Please read our contest guidelines below very carefully, as understanding and following our yearly theme is one of the most important factors in our final decision.

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Editor's Note: We were pleased and excited to receive over 500 submissions during the past year, many of which were of high quality. Judging the submissions in order of quality and fidelity to the theme, as well as the quality of the writing, proved difficult; the articles reflect a great deal of introspection, perception, empathy, imagination, and a desire for long-term immersion on the part of the authors.

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We are not looking for destination pieces that describe in flowery "amazing" terms your experience, moralistic essays on the pros and cons of a postmodernist view of travel, nor are we looking for travelogues or blog-like posts that are often too overly personal and self-involved to resonate with others on their own paths of discovery. We are looking for evergreen well-written inspirational pieces that will lead others to experience the sense of engagement as a global citizen.

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Transitions Abroad has always observed that more experienced travelers and travel writers seek to engage deeply in a destination by staying for a longer period and thereby immerse themselves in the culture and homes they are fortunate enough to visit as guests. Learning to attempt to communicate by any means, ask questions, share stories sad and humorous, cook, work on the land, volunteer, and participate in other daily activities or sacred rituals and festivals is one way to deepen the travel experience and transform it into a two-way street in the process. The Slow Food movement born in Italy and the aesthetic and ethical spirit of the are a manifestation of the urge now felt by more and more travelers to participate in the daily lives of the host community and not simply as consumers of their culture and land.

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For over 48 years, Ratso has been an enduring presence and lively fixture on the Fairfield County music scene as a performer, singer/songwriter, record producer, and teacher.


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The winners submitted pieces based upon the theme making use of their unique perspectives and voices, covering a variety of locations, including Kenya, Bolivia, Ecuador, Bali, and Nepal. We are proud to host the essays presented this year.